End of original BOYABUSE Stories – charges also included an unfinished version of Stand By America.

"The most horrific materialI have had todeal with."
—Detective Noreen Waters, Vancouver Police Dept.

Author's Preface

BOYABUSE was never intended for publication and would probably would never have had more than very limited circulation if the collection had it not been the subject of criminal charges and a series of highly publicized trials. Having succeeded in court I continued to be subject to hysterical political and media vilification campaign, and harassment by the Vancouver police. One way I can defend myself and my writing is to distribute my works as widely as possible so that people may judge for themselves. I must publish. The credit, or blame for this must be awarded to Detective Noreen Waters of the Vancouver Police Department, the crusading anti-porn activist. She was the principal lobbyist for adding written .material to the definitions in Canada's child pornography laws. She and the other police advocates got practically everything they wanted resulting in the most restrictive legislation in the Western world at the time. She personally took over my case when it was withering due to the marginal nature of the material involved, she reactivated the case, placed me under surveillance and organized a team to arrest me early in the morning. She fed the media sensationalist descriptions, appeared on TV. Not satisfied with distortions she lied to the media and other enforcement officials. My case was to be the crowning achievement of her career.

What is BOYABUSE about? For those who don't see abuse in every instance of child sexual activity or exposed underage genital or anal region the stories are about agency, courage, fortitude. Boyabuse extols virtues currently in disrepute. I intended parts of it to be blackly humorous. I like to treat the most bizarre situations as if they were ordinary, everyday events subject to ordinary concerns and etiquette. My stories are mostly about consensual acts, in the sense of consensual before the word was appropriated and corrupted by activists and legislators. Willing, often for a price, may be more descriptive. While many of my characters are indulgently sadistic only my few villains are really violent or cruel, or practise humiliation. I love playing with serious absurdities.

—Robin Sharpe. Vancouver, 2003


On a Cold Winter's Evening
Randy, a newspaper delivery boy makes one his regular visits to a customer on his mom's bingo night. The boy, proud of his first pubic hairs, makes a teasing game of the fact. It is a minor celebration of puberty. The story describes a playful, sexually bonded man/boy relationship based on mutual self respect where the boy feels secure and confident. Society's attitudes and laws are ignored. BOYLOVE PROPAGANDA; (1,742 words)
Platinum and Gold
A boylover on a combined business and pleasure trip to Manila meets a young Canadian boy Murray with his father on the plane. Returning to his hotel with a boy he has picked up he finds Murray waiting at his hotel. Murray who knows more than he should is curious and the man does his best to help him. The story tries to present the affairs humorously, as a comedy of errors. Portions of Manila's rent boy scene in the 1980's are described., A CONSUMER REPORT ON THIRD WORLD CHILD PROSTITUTION (5,713 words)
The Spanking
A man finds himself taking care of his bratty nephew Julian who disrupts his bachelor life and steals from him. This is a psychological tale of a man and a curious boy testing each other which reaches a painful but not unwelcome climax. AN ADOLESCENT BOY'S CHALLENGING INTRODUCTION TO S&M; (1,380 words)
Let This Be a Lesson
A moralistic religious family discovers some hard core pornography in their son Robbie's room. The father is righteously outraged. In deliberate contrast to the previous story this describes a savage, morally violent beating, the same 'action', a spanking, but in a very different context. HONOUR, FORTITUDE & OLD TIME RELIGION; (1,333 words)
Suck It! (He demands)
A Devotee's Lament
This short half prose, half poem is a lament and describes a situation where a boy exploits the power of his sexuality to dominate a man to get what he wants. As he performs fellatio on his teenage friend the man reflects on his long affair with the boy, and how he has become the boy's slave. It is intended to be humorous. A "VICTIM'S" REVENGE; (902 words )
Timothy & the Terrorist
is the story of a boy who is abducted and painfully initiated into a sultan's secret harem of white boy sex slaves. The sultan is an indulgent, cruel and murderous master. After a number of ordeals and adventures the boys, using their brains and well honed sex skills, get involved in politics. SEX AND SEDITION; (12,879 words)
Tijuana Whip Fight
chronicles a visit to an underground arena where impoverished, young boys have bloody duels with whips for prize money, glory and a share of the bets. Ronnie and Lito put on a good show. After the fight customers can arrange to indulge in various devious vices. S&M GLADIATORS; (7,422 words)
The Rites at Port Dar Lan I
This series contains the most exotic, elaborate and extreme fantasies of the BOYABUSE stories. They chronicle four visits by a sexual sadist to the remote boat people settlement of Port Dar Lan. There wealthy visitors can indulge their wildest sexual and sadistic desires with boys. There are good manners and limits of sorts. In Dar Lan the boys themselves make the rules and operate what might be described as a consensual free market version of the Marquis de Sade's 120 DAYS OF SODOM. During the monthly rites the boys make themselves available for sex and being whipped. They accept no humiliation and are proud of their fortitude. This helps support the villagers and provides boys with tickets to freedom. Against a background of exotic costumes, complex ceremonies and bloody rites the narrator meets and falls in love with Jojo whom he generously sponsors as a pledge. The sadist and Jojo renew their affair on subsequent visits. Alternative, anti-conventional concepts of child raising and 'what' and 'how to', hands on sex and S&M education are described. THE PERVERSE AS NORMAL; (12,276 words)
The Rites at Port Dar Lan II
Part Two (15,899 words)
The Rites at Port Dar Lan III
Part Three (14,928)
The Rites at Port Dar Lan IV
Part Four (23,173 words)
Warriors of Paradise
An Intifada Fantasy
A journalist visits a band of boy guerrillas fighting the army occupying their country. They are contemptuous of the passivity of their elders and have developed new social arrangements and rituals where sex plays an important role. The young warriors practise sexual bonding to make themselves a more cohesive force in their struggle against the enemy. "Boys must rule themselves." Their leader, Kahil, explains their philosophy in which sexual liberation is an important part. "No boy is too young to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh." The young guerrillas challenge an enemy patrol and in the confrontation a boy is killed. The gory details are borrowed from press reports about the first Palestinian Intifada. An elderly, presumably Jewish, doctor treats the wounded. This and the following story deliberately juxtapose the horrors of war with so called child sex abuse. The first story portrays boys as autonomous and sexually free while in the latter the boys are sexually ignorant, repressed and human pawns of the adult leader. SEX, SACRIFICE AND WAR; (6,471 words)
Mission Successful
In Sri Lanka a journalist arranges a visit with a leader of the separatist Tamil Tigers in rebel held territory. The Tigers, the LTTE are a most effective and ruthless organization. It is well documented that they abduct boys as young as ten, indoctrinate them and use them and women for frontal assaults and in suicide squads. The journalist observes a Tigers attack on an enemy convoy "using" three boys who charge and detonate their body packs. Lahl, a boy in the next suicide squad is curious about sex and laments that he would like to have known a woman. WAR, SEX AND SUICIDE; (3,150 words)
The Cameraman
A wealthy Hollywood producer and his cronies in the movie industry decide to make a state of the art, erotic boy movie in the Philippines. Boys are recruited from street kids and young friends of the men. Their elaborate porno plans are plagued by bad weather, labour problems and brazen thievery. Terry Southern's novel, BLUE MOVIE inspired some of the ideas. BEWARE OF PORN VICTIMS (15,403 words)
A man unexpectedly finds himself the disciplinarian at a Catholic school and becomes disturbingly aroused when he has to strap boys. He also finds himself sexually attracted to boys and struggles with his urges and inhibitions becoming confused. He falls in love with Leo, an animated and attractive boy whom he feels he must distance himself from and deny his love for. Leo reacts by committing an offence for which he must be severely punished putting the man in an awkward situation. FORBIDDEN LOVE TRIUMPHS; (9,778 words)
A sequel to Leo where Ricky, the school's prime sissy proves his fortitude with Leo's help in a spanking game. Ricky develops a crush on Leo. Ricky's military cousin Bruce decides it’s time to toughen up the wimpy boy with a little discipline but passion gets out of control and it ends with a spanking. SOMETHING LIKE BOYS ARE BOYS, (5,541 words)
Lucy's End
A man visiting a wilderness camp for delinquents finds boys eager to share his sleeping bag after a rumour circulates that he is taking two of them on an excursion in his pontoon equipped plane. To determine who, he and the leader Jack persuade the boys to play 'hares and hounds', an old English schoolboys' game also known as 'torture tag', to determine which two who will go on the excursion. S&M GAME SORTS OUT YOUNG TEENS; (12,769 words)
Ninja Option
takes off from a specific point in the novel NINJA by the popular writer Eric Van Lustbader. In the novel it is later revealed (no actual description) that both the girl and the boy are killed by the Ninja as he had planned. The Ninja revels in extreme cruelty killing the girl. In the "option" story the boy who is also intended to be a human sacrifice frustrates the Ninja's plans. HATE TRIUMPHS OVER DEATH; (4,560 words)

End of original BOYABUSE Stories – charges also included an unfinished version of Stand By America.

Stand By America 1954
is set at the peak of American anticommunist hysteria. It is the story of two sadistic brothers who waylay four young boys on a hike. The men, pretending to be KGB agents first convince the boys that they possess information which if revealed would lead to a Communist take over of the America they love. Then they try to make the boys talk. A TALE OF GRIT AND PATRIOTISM; (16,262 words)
2026: The Friday Night Lottery
As America celebrates a quarter millennium of independence and takes the protection of children to unprecedented extremes, boy "victims" in a corporate peoplecare facility find ways to circumvent the repressive anti-violence ideology and policies of concerned officials and the government. INGENUITY OVERCOMES CORRECTNESS; (21,806 words)
The Bronze Buckle 1944
The Budenzauber Boys at War
is set in a Hitler Youth school in the path of the advancing Red Army. Under the direction of one armed SS Colonel Von Staffer brutal games and punishments teach violence and fortitude. A teacher, Herr Bruning, a romantic and a reluctant Nazi enjoys the favours of willing boys. He makes punishment into a game that entertains the boys. He falls in love with one of them whom he attempts to save. DOOM, LOVE & LUCK; (10,280 words)
Balkan Boys
Four Tales of Fortitude
Bosnian boys from a refugee camp in Italy scramble to make money from tourists in order to settle questions of honour and to raise money for factions fighting in their homeland. The wealthy narrator, who enjoys the sexual and sadistic opportunities the boys offer him, finds himself involved in family affairs and resolving a conflict between rival factions. PAIN AS CURRENCY (14,250 words)
The Inquisitor, His Apprentice, The Abbot and His Three Young Novices:
A Tale of Torture and Intrigue circa 1300. When the Abbot calls on his old friend the Inquisitor to help him solve the theft of a huge sapphire things are not as they seem. TESTING, ONE, TWO, THREE (8,530 words)
Sado: Desire & Negotiation
When some boy hustlers get strung out on crack they will trade a sore ass for a rock. Sado finds that spanking boys makes the sex better but when he meets Ryan, a very curious but very straight lad, the situation becomes complicated. NO SEX S&M; (10,660 words)
S & M Theatre
is a series of stylized stage performances by the "Priest" and several boys exploring varieties of S&M. DEVIANCE AS DRAMA. (1974 words)
Blood & Semen
Cruelty, Love and Honour in the Late Twenty Second Century
Two warrior boys, Kami and Sol, sustained by their love for each other find enlightenment and hope in the harsh, degraded post Armageddonic world where the Earth’s small residual population is divided into two adjoining warring nations each determined to exterminate the peoples of the other. A short novel (68,291 words)
Algernon at Eton
The Schooldays of A.C. Swinburne 1849 – 1853
This is a fictitious chronicle of the schooldays of England’s best known flagellant (today we would call him a spanking fetishist) at the famous flogging school of Eton College. Algernon Charles Swinburne was a leading Victorian poet and critic whose work was widely acclaimed at the time. He was radical, a free thinker, a supporter of unpopular causes, and a uranian in those pre gay times. The year 2009 will mark the centenary of his death. All the story’s characters agree that there is no torture, a little blood mind you which adds a nice touch of colour, but absolutely no torture. You have now read my disclaimer. A short novel (66,443 words)
Further Flogging, Fun & Fortitude Fantasies
The Pedo, the Pimp, the Boy and his Mother
A shocking exposť of child sex tourism (early 1990s).
I started this story early in 1995 while I was staying in Sri Lanka but my notes were seized on my return to Canada. However I started working on it again occasionally during my legal troubles and this eventually became the basis of the version here. After my acquittal on my written porn charges in 2002 the original notes were returned and used to revise this newer version.
Abandon your rectitudes and tune in !
In 2003 I wrote: Who (or what) am I? I suppose most Canadians already know: I am the nation’s most notorious child pornographer. During my more than fifteen minutes I was also the most reviled man in Canada. If that’s not enough I offer the following.
Well, I am a retired jack of all trades almost. I am a second generation English English Canadian who grew up in working class Victoria B.C. in the 1940s. As a young boy I was a nerd, a loner and religiously Anglican. I had no friends until my early teens and didn’t start to overcome my hypermoralism until I was liberated by booze which has remained my drug of choice... Rest....

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