End of original BOYABUSE Stories – charges also included an unfinished version of Stand By America.

The Cameraman


The wide window frames the sun slowly sinking into the ocean, alone and crimson in the darkening sky, and the grid pattern of the lights of West Los Angeles far below begins twinkling through the haze as Benito Laguardia refills our glasses. With a wistful smile he turns on an old Super 8 projector, an incongruous touch in the hi-tech appointments of his heavily post modern study and not for the first time we watch a couple of classics from the Golden Boy series featuring long haired boys of the 60's and early 70's. Benito's long career as a boy lover has turned increasingly to voyeurism with age although he remains remarkably vigorous at sixty four. We see projected life size on the screen two charming lads straddling puberty romp in a forest clearing, lovingly embrace, undress each other, and after some playful preliminaries, fuck, fuck eagerly, joyfully, passionately.

"You know," Benito muses, "in the last twenty years hardly anything as good has been done. I don't mean technically of course, you know the difference that professional camera work alone can make. It's the boys, most aren't even jail bait these days, and such awful acting, it's best when they don't try." I nod, I couldn't agree more. "Imagine the performances that someone like Speilberg could get out of a few willing boys? Or maybe a remake of STAND BY ME. Some innocent circle jerking beside the tracks leads to an orgy deeper in the woods and it ends up with Ace and his buddies raping the little fuckers. And we could throw in a little necrophilia." I suggest LORD OF THE FLIES and GREYSTOKE as other candidates.

"Or this rip off of JUNGLE BOY I'm involved in right now, COYOTE KID. Yo Yo Yo, the feral child brought up by wild animals. The possibilities have been trampling through my mind; sweet little sequences of childish bestiality, the boy getting his little cock licked by some ferocious fanged beast and the little darling's early experiments with mating. It's been driving me crazy and you know who they cast in the lead, David McLean. Everyone admits he's gorgeous even if he is the cockiest twelve year old in town. Of course we can't show the feral child in all his feral glory, or even get a peek at it ourselves. Not even Philippe, I got him on as a soundman, has been able to penetrate the loincloth curtain. I'm convinced the kid is straight, though not particularly innocent, but who'd want to ever have to face that mother?" Benito hands me some stills of young David; running with the pack through a dewy prairie at dawn, splashing indulgently in a mountain stream, and cuddling a 'coyote' puppy on his lap with his big doe eyes to the camera and the suggestion of a coy smile. The kid knows how to look sexy, and Benito assures me, act, act superbly. "If we could have shot some scenes more boldly and introduced a few interesting sequences, think of the joy the fleeting treasures of his boyhood could have brought to dirty old degenerates like us. Such a lamentable waste of human resources, the desert rose blossoming unseen, a great loss for our kind."

Benito then mentions his newest project which he thinks might interest me, yet another Viet Nam film, a fin de genre, low budget epic entitled, BLOODIED HONOR to be shot in the Philippines. I've worked with Benito before and agree to be his director of photography and head cameraman. The script will be ready in a week and we'll be shooting in two months to take advantage of the dry season.

"And I've an idea," Benito begins, "You remember what we were saying about the flick we just saw, well I think the time has come to do something about it. I've made some interesting contacts over there and I suspect you may have others. Suppose we produce a first rate boy film, thirty-five mil, a sound track with real dialogue, expert direction and enough of a story line to hang some heavy action on. And of course some beautiful young boys." I can't help but mention Terry Southern's novel, BLUE MOVIE where a team of Hollywood notables set out to make a bizarre, state of the art porno movie. "Precisely, only we'd keep the takes out of the hands of the Vatican Secret Police." There are a number of 'ifs'; finding a competent and understanding director and recruiting at least two white boys to fill out the juvenile cast. We could look around while shooting BLOODIED HONOR.

A light flickers on Benito's desk phone, he checks and turns to me, "That's Philippe, my faithful valet. He must be back from the club." I remember the handsome young Filipino from previous visits and have seen him working on Benito's sets. "We have this arrangement, whenever he picks up something young and interesting he lets me know. Last week he brought home this cute, skinny Black boy, couldn't have been more than fifteen, and what a performance they put on. I love Philippe dearly but he's much too old for me now. He was thirteen when I first had him, and did I tell you, I had to find a job for his mother so she could get a visa and bring him over. Oh the lengths we perverts go to, to satisfy our natural lusts."

We refill our drinks and Benito leads me through his massively furnished bedroom into a walk-in closet where behind a rack of clothes he opens a panel revealing a narrow room with a large one-way mirror overlooking Philippe's bed. "It's triple glazed but we still have to be quiet." he whispers, "But we can hear everything they do."

Philippe is helping an obviously horny, slim blond boy with a fresh off the farm look, take off his new Reeboks and then pulls his stone washed Levi's off his pale downy legs. The lad's legs glow from the back lighting behind the bed and I soon begin to realize that Philippe's room is a cleverly contrived stage and that he is subtly arranging the positions of the actors for the benefit of the audience. We aren't spying. "I never done anythin' like this before." the boy blurts clearly, "But I sure thought a lot about it." Philippe smiles, "That's good enough Ricky."

I ask Benito if he ever records the performances. "Certainly, a master shot and this." He slides open a panel in front of him revealing remote controls and a monitor. From a point above us to the right the camera closes in on the blond progressively revealing that his chest, back and narrow bum are also gauzed by fine gold fuzz, but there isn't a genuine hair on his body except the wild and curly swatch garlanding his pubes and the most boyish, clean looking cock, hard and blushing with arousal. And he has the enthusiasm and innocence of a just liberated virgin as he gropes Philippe while he undresses. The effect is fifteenish but I guess he's older than that. He's delighted by Philippe's long dangling hose, "That's some whanger you got!" and he attacks it with both hands and his mouth. Philippe's slender fingers stroke the growing muscles of the boy's neck and shoulders, the pale fuzzed lips slide up and down the dark glistening shaft and white and golden limbs entwine. It is art. More importantly it's impassioned sex and pretty soon Philippe knows he can't take it much longer. He seems to try holding off for a minute before giving himself to the sensation and thrill. The blond boy gulps and looks proud of himself, perhaps the first time he's swallowed semen.

"Can I fuck yuh in the ass now?" Ricky's loins are quivering with excitement. "Use lots of this." Philippe hands him a tube of K-Y, lies back on the bed and brings his knees back almost to his head. We get an excellent view. Ricky, trembling, smears the jelly around the dark orifice and literally plunges in thrusting eagerly. "I can hardly believe it, just like in those dirty magazines" Philippe says nothing but draws the blonde's head to his own tonguing and kissing his face. Despite Philippe's efforts to prolong the action we know it can't last long. Ricky comes a squealing and hollering, "WOWEE!"

The boys take an intermission going into the ensuite bathroom to shower. "I forgot to mention this." Benito confides smugly and adjusts the controls, the monitor giving us a close-up of them lathering each other playfully. They piss on each, belly fuck and goose having a hilarious time that's delightful to watch. Back in the bedroom they dry themselves off with a little minor horseplay flicking damp towels at asses.

The second round starts with wrestling on the bed, duelling with their tongues and rather clumsy kissing. With both thoroughly aroused Philippe positions the blond lad on his belly facing us. As the K-Y is squirted up his asshole and Philippe's fingers pry and stretch Ricky looks around apprehensively at the Filipino's formidable rod and mumbles, "Be careful, the only thing I done before is my Mom's vibrator." Philippe smiles directly at us and begins probing, pushing his dark snake into the cleft of the downy white bum. Ricky's inexperienced and it hurts, hurts quite a bit judging by the contortions of the blond boy's face. Philippe is well aware of this as he works himself in deeper. Benito, not to mention myself, are thrilled by the sadistic tinge of the scene. But Philippe doesn't carry the blonde's agony too far and after whispering some instructions he's thrusting easily and deeply into the virgin asshole looking up at us as if expecting applause. Ricky's expression changes to one of curiosity, then indulgent satisfaction. He tries to frig himself but Philippe won't allow it. Philippe settles in and enjoys his fuck for several minutes before finishing with a vigorous flurry. The boy's in a gently affectionate mood and we suspect that he's also had an orgasm. Philippe cuddles him lazily for a few minutes before applying his skilled lips and tongue to the blonde's still eager boy-cock which spasms again inches from our eyes.

I remark to Benito that he could probably have arranged to have the blond for himself. "I much prefer this. Philippe has a talent for bringing out what I like to see in boys. Do you think Ricky would have been one quarter as lustful, eager and spontaneous if he'd been confronted by a fat, balding old man like me. I am tired of expensive callboys, no matter how young, pretty and expert they are. I am tired of contrived affection and passion though I frequently resort to it. I want the real thing even if I have to find it vicariously."

I don't see Benito again until the wrap party for COYOTE KID. The Laguardia mansion with its terraces overlooking the sprawling city and ocean beyond is nicely crowded with two hundred odd guests. Philippe, already known to most, acts as greeter and gives instructions to the caterers. I've just managed to catch Benito alone when young David McLean makes his entrance along with his mother, his manservant Reginald and two fluffy, giggling girls his own age. "According to Philippe, young David claims the girl at his left, Daphne I believe, as one of his conquests." That's interesting, but not as interesting as the boy himself looking considerably less feral in a jacket and slacks but, I can't find the right word, sexy of course, but.... whatever he exudes, a presence, a juvenile charisma, he has even the most un-reconstructed heteros doting on him, and I'm sure they would adore him as a son as much as we would adore him as a lover. He has more class than Michael J. Fox in his better days. It's like you can drool without your proclivities being suspect. And he knows it. The wild feral eyes I'd admired in the stills now convey the haughtiness of generations of upper class British breeding. I love him for it, the first time in years aware of my lower class origins. "Can you imagine," Benito confides, "young David kissing, sucking, seducing younger lads and getting monumentally fucked in turn?" I already had.

His mother, whom I'd never heard a flattering remark about in private is effusively charming for the occasion. "Mr. Laguardia, Benny if I may, you don't know what this means to me after all the years I've struggled, cajoled and...." I turn to leave almost bumping into young David. I say "Hi", my voice an octave off and he shakes my hand looking me in the eye. 'Whip me, beat me, fuck me, do what you want', but I simply mouth platitudes. He looks up past me to his husky manservant, "I want another milk Reggie, I want it now. And it better be cold." Hmmm, I think, he would also be fun to spank. Mother arrives in high dander, "David! You mustn't forget your breeding, how many times must I tell you to always say 'Please'." David mumbles something about a 'bitch' as I go over to the bar.

Later I'm talking with Philippe when little Daphne comes over asking if we'd seen David. He hasn't been seen for half an hour and Philippe confirms that he hasn't left. That means looking. I run into Philippe a few minutes later outside his room, the door is locked from the inside. Within a minute we're peering through the one way mirror. Young David McLean luxuriously sprawled back on the pillows is having his slender pink twig sucked by the other little girl who's form is barely distinguishable from a boy's. He beckons her forward, she leans over him and they kiss, smooching style while he diddles her tiny twat. She's allowed to resume her labours, David's eyes glaze over, his tongue tip circles his half open mouth, his pale, exquisite pre-adolescent body undulates rhythmically. We'd love to record the charming tryst, if only for Benito, but the lighting is impossible, just one small bedside lamp. David's body stiffens and quivers momentarily, he shoves the girl aside and reaches for his clothes.

Benito gives me the script for BLOODIED HONOR when I leave. Aside from no redeeming qualities it's violently innocuous. However some of the opportunities for gore are intriguing and I'm convinced that an overhead angle for the main torture scene is the way to go. I book my flight to Manila a few days ahead of the rest.

The number of boys on the streets of Manila is incredible, boys, boys everywhere, boys akbay - walking arm in arm, boys braving the traffic to sell papers, cigarettes and gum, bare legged boys, dark trousered schoolboys, plump rich boys, skinny poor boys, smiling boys, joking boys, serious boys, filthy scavenging boys and sullen hungry beggar boys. A whole world and scenery of boys.

I'm lucky to find a room with a C.R. (comfort room - toilet and shower) at the sleazy but congenial, and most importantly, permissive pension house I've stayed at before. A couple of roomboys remember and welcome me. I find an excuse to be generous to the new guard as I go out on the prowl. I head for the Corner, the small plaza and row of beer stands in the heart of Ermita's sexsport zone where gay tourists and ex-pats gather to gossip, observe the scene, especially the mingling boys, and maybe do some shopping. They're all there and available from preteens up, from queens to paupers, from horny sluts to dedicated schoolboys trying to pay their fees. But the place is closely watched and dangerous particularly if your tastes run young. Extortionists are perhaps to be more feared than the police and they too sometimes get busted in the lazy justice of the land.

I meet Thomas, an old German friend and veteran villain of cheap action flicks sitting at one of the stands. He has the talent for better things elsewhere but cannot contemplate a life without boys. The last two years have been good to him, he's bought a car and has a bargain rental on a large town house in Santa Mesa though things are slow right now. I'm interested to hear he's doing more directing work. We observe the scene and I catch up on the gossip and current anecdotes.

A skinny but sweet looking kid, looking twelve but probably more, squeezes onto the bench beside me and someone buys him a soft drink. We exchange brief smiles and I notice he still has the very fine hairs on his arms and cheeks that are so often lacking on boys exposed to the harsh life of the street. After that I ignore him and he sits in the plaza, there he can keep an eye on me. I find out his name is Jing, which is what boys who are named Jesus are often called, and a few other relevant facts.

Thomas tells me he has a boy staying with him frequently. Well that's hardly newsworthy, but he goes on to explain that he's a German boy, and his mother who's a good friend of his has to go to Hong Kong on business quite often. "She lets Joachim stay with me when she's away, and she knows about my interest in boys." It sounds like an ideal set up as he describes the thirteen year old prince glowingly and intimately down to the last hair you might say. "And he shares my bed when he stays." Thomas concludes. I mumble a congratulation. "Don't get the wrong idea," he seems indignant, "I would never touch him." I've heard that before and tell him so. "But you don't understand...." Ah yes, the noble masochist and his boy on a pedestal. I suggest he's tormenting himself. "But you don't understand, he trusts me, he is without shame in front of me, I scrub his back, I...." Thomas is obviously, stupidly in love. It happens to the best of us. I envy him his folly if not his fortitude. I tell him I'll try to get him some work on BLOODIED HONOR and mention our special project. I finish my beer and leave.

Jing and I make momentary eye contact as I pass the plaza and he casually saunters down the other side of the street following me. I pick up some soft drinks and ice cream at the Seven Eleven on the way. The guard at the door yawns as we entered the pension house.

Jing explores my room curiously being particularly interested in my small personal video camera and I pretend to 'shoot' him as he clowns around. "Maybe you like bold picture?" and he quickly strips to his bright green briefs which don't appear to be hiding very much. What a child to behold! A slender perfect form with unblemished golden skin, a firm ass and thighs that seemed to glow, a soft belly just revealing the muscle ridges beneath. I'm more thrilled than aroused at being free to touch this young boy's lovely body. I stroke his neck and shoulders, feel his lightly heaving narrow chest, knead his handful sized buttocks and slide my fingers around exploring his yielding softness and pull down his briefs. His little cock lengthens as I examine it. "German cut, you like?" I agree, if boys are circumcised it looks much better if the foreskin is removed rather than just slit at the top, the so called 'flower cut' which leaves a fleshy, ugly lump dangling below. But how did the German cut get its name knowing the regimens of race? I ask him about the operation which he says was a few months ago in his province.

"Four from my barkada (gang of friends), all same time. The old man take us to the river, friends come to see. I go first. I put titi like this." Standing on his toes he stretches his cock out on the table top. "Then he take one big knife," he picks up my comb, "and pull hard." He tries to pull the remains of his foreskin over his knob and pretending with the comb, "Then he hit top with stick. Knife not good, not sharp, so he hit six times to cut off. Hurt very much," he gives me a boy macho grimace, "but after we swimming it's okay." Except for some mountain peoples circumcision is all but universal in the Philippines. Outside the upper and Americanized classes it is customarily initiated by the boy himself along with some barkada mates usually before puberty and it is performed by an adult known to them, maybe a relative, without anaesthetic. Buddies may hold and soothe the boy being cut. Circumcision is a significant event in a boy's life but has no public ceremony attached to it.

His animated chatter, improvisations and questions, "How you say...." show a learner and his English is more than he'd have learned in school. His little cock gets surprisingly stiff as I very gently jack him. "I make little milk." he informs me. He has no pubic hair at all, he looks so clean and pure, and his cock's in the first stage of rapid growth. I kiss-suck his tiny balls and poured out some soft drinks. "You like one massage" This Italian teach me. I do all kinds and I give foot massage too, I know the places." It's too good an offer to refuse so I strip to my white briefs and lie belly down on the bed. He grabs a foot and going at it with much of his strength he pulls, cracks and spreads my toes and vigorously kneads my soles with his small strong thumbs. Almost roughly he works his hands up to my knees but then his strokes become slower, softer and teasing as they approach my groin. He smiles as he watches my reaction. He gropes me and grabs my briefs laughing, and I feel I have to fight to keep them on, unsuccessfully of course. He waves his white trophy over me triumphantly before pouncing and cannibalizing me with two hands and his mouth. But I get him back, I can taste it, and when it won't go soft I get him again. The ice cream has gone soft too, fine for a food fight and smearing, and we shower off together. My generosity is well above the market price but I'm anxious to see him again. And I can see a star being born.

A few days later having dinner at Thomas's I discover that Joachim is everything Thomas has claimed. Long light brown hair, light hazel eyes, fresh lightly tanned skin, very German looking with a perfect boy's nose. He bears himself with natural confidence, moves with grace and acts with politeness and consideration, a schoolboy from the Academy of Adonis. He's fluent in German and English and rapidly picking up Tagalog some of it from Thomas's other young friends. I pity and envy poor Thomas. Later that evening I happen to mention how ideal in some ways Joachim would be for our special project. For the first time I see Thomas play the role of the outraged parent. I'm warned quite bluntly to keep my filthy hands off the boy. Beware of love honed by abstention.

I speak to Benito about Thomas, he recalls working with him on a movie years ago but didn't know he's one of our kind. He can definitely help with some of the location work and with his passable street Tagalog maybe do some work with the extras. I stay over at Thomas's for a few days while we work on a number of production details and sleep in the extra room overlooking the sala. Joachim does much of the house work after school and acts as a willing gofor while we work.

One evening Marion, Joachim's mother phones from the airport, she has Max, her younger son with her. He's been living with his father, an engineer in Bahrain but has being evacuated due to troubles in the Gulf. They arrive by taxi some time later. Max seems a much less serious youngster than his brother, babbling animatedly about his recent adventures and making jokes and obviously seeking his older brother's approval. He has a wirier build and is somewhat blonder but both are clearly Marion's children. I'm exhausted and go up to my small room. I hear Thomas offer to drive Marion back to the airport as she has an important appointment in Cebu the next morning. The two brothers are left in the house with me.

I'd planned to rest but when I hear the front door shut I move to the end of my bed and look down into the sala through the louvres. The brothers now have their private reunion, Joachim in his briefs and Max dressed for heavy aircon. "It's been a year," Max begins but then the conversation switches to German, losing me, and becoming lively, full of gestures. I watch their earnest happy faces, touching hands and playful pokes. They become quieter and sprawl on the sofa for a while, then some decision apparently made, Joachim gets up and grabs some shorts and a T-shirt as if they were planning to go somewhere. Max makes some comment which brings a smug grin to Joachim's face and he pulls down his briefs as Max interestedly examines his genitals retracting the foreskin and stroking the just curling pubic patch. Then it's Max's turn to be examined but only cursorily. Some new idea occurs and they both strip and go into the C.R. and shower. I curse myself for not having my video camera, I like overhead shots, but I don't think I would have used it anyway.

Judging from the shrieks and sounds of protest I gather the cold water only system is too much for Max, they're out in two minutes still drying themselves. Joachim gets the juice jug out of the fridge and pours drinks as Max watching him starts to masturbate. When it's springy stiff he proudly shows it to Joachim who frigs it for a few seconds before putting the jug back in the fridge. Max begins parading his proud prick like a bayonet in front as Joachim watches out of the corners of his eyes slowly getting aroused. Max makes a display of snapping to ATTENSHUN in front of his brother, both body and cock rigidly erect. Joachim deliberately demurs before he slowly starts jacking Max. The younger boy remains stiffly at attention trying to be grimly expressionless as his brother starts vigorously manipulating him. But he can't take it, squirms, giggles and collapses on Joachim's lap. The frigging continues but now Max is all talk, and it seems to be about what is happening complete with moans and little squeals until he pushes his brother's hands away.

After a drink Max turns his attention to Joachim's four inch cartridge yanking out the foreskin beyond the tip and pinching it to see his brother's reaction. Propped up on an elbow he starts frigging his brother who reaches around and fondles Max's compact little ass and works a finger tip in. Then slobbering generously he gently works the finger fully in and jiggles it back and forth. Max responds with his own motions and neglects his own work briefly. The session continues at a leisurely pace until Joachim says something and they stop. After a few words Joachim dashes up to Thomas's room and returns with a big tube of K-Y. Am I going to see them fuck? Max lies across his brother's lap as his anus is lubricated and massaged with one and then two fingers. Joachim lies back on the sofa and Max facing him gingerly squats, lowering himself down on his brother's slender rod. He works himself up and down, muscles tensing beneath his pale skin. Joachim responds with short thrusts of his own and begins jacking Max's ever ready cock again. It becomes too much for both of them far too soon for me and they crumple intertwined and sated in a sweaty pile. They finish their juice and head for the shower again. This time they take a lot longer and judging by Max's babbles, moans and squeals I assume he's wanked once more.

When Thomas returns the boys still naked are eating the last of the German Christmas cake he was saving for a special occasion. He's only temporarily peeved and is soon into what seems to be a probing exchange with Max whom he's just met. I could never tell Thomas what I've seen.

Production goes smoothly on BLOODIED HONOR. Thomas with his knowledge of Tagalog is able to get some impressive performances out of the 'village children' particularly in the post massacre scene. Benito's already talking about him doing much of the directing on our special project, and he appreciates the young boys Thomas introduces him to.

One time when we need a number of foreign extras for a press conference scene I go down to the strip with Thomas and Philippe and we put out the word at the European bars and restaurants and the Corner itself. There's often a need for white extras as many producers want to disguise the fact that their movies are made in the Philippines. It can be tedious work but there's always a few destitute tourists around as well as others who're interested in doing something different for a change for a few hundred pesos. We stop for a few beers at the Corner after and Philippe tells us he met Benito here almost ten years ago. "I'd be lucky to be a jeepney driver now if I didn't meet him. He moved my family to a better house, sent me to a good school and fucked me twice a day when he was around." He makes a gesture indicating that Benito has a small cock, a fact widely known. "Then he moved all of us to Los Angeles."

The Corner is quiet this evening, few boys or foreigners. However a series of poor vendor and beggar boys approach us mostly seeking the price of a simple meal. Some of them are basically good looking and attractive but their greyed misshapen clothes and dirty bodies preclude much interest in them. Philippe says he has an idea but wants to discuss it with Benito first. I take one of the more presentable beggars back to my room.

When I first met Wendle two years ago he was a supple engaging brat of a shine boy beggar, often with fancy shoes, watches and other gifts from his foreign admirers. His dark complexion and curly hair suggest Negrito blood found to a greater or lesser degree in many Filipinos. But he's fifteen now, and his skin has lost its boyish texture from sleeping unprotected on the streets and lack of hygiene. His face and arms bear several noticeable scars. Times are tough, he tells me he hasn't gone with a tourist for months.

We start in the shower, he shampoos his curly hair while I scrub his stocky muscular body noticing more scars and blemishes I'm sure weren't there before including a round burn scar on his wrist. And then I find a strange hard lump the size of a pea in the drooping mass of foreskin left by his 'flower cut'. He says it's a ballbearing. After I see the fine scar where he'd cut the skin open to insert the ballbearing. It's not rare I'm told and over four hundred years ago European chroniclers recorded the practice of various piercings and mutilation of the penis supposedly some say for the benefit of the women. Wendle says he likes it because it feels good when he masturbates and he figures women would like it too.

The burn is from a stove hot ten centavo coin, part of the initiation ordeals of one of Manila's youth fraternities or gangs which boys join for status and protection. Wendle tells me he was also strapped on the soft insides of his forearms til they were raw and paddled sixty times on his buttocks, thighs and calves with a heavy stick. He was taken to a buddy's house for five days until he could move about on his own. He says fourteen boys were initiated that day and since he has paddled others which is more fun. The other ordeals were more psychological than physical but still involved punching and face slapping. Filipino macho is heavily masochistic, it's more what you can take than give out, and it's not confined to street gangs. Every year young people die from the hazing of college, military and business fraternities. And during Holy Week penitents and flagellants make their way along town streets and a select few get their hands nailed to crosses. Later he tells me he will have one of the big old pesos burnt into his chest, I've seen the huge scars on others.

Wendle asks me for a massage, first. He lies on his belly and remembering some things I learnt recently I start in on his feet. He likes it, and he likes it more when I vigorously knead and pound his calves and thighs. And he likes it best when I do quick hard pinches over his buttocks. I always give attention to a boy's neck and shoulder muscles and I work back down his spine to his ass. I massage it briefly and then lightly at first begin spanking him. Wendel merely glances around at me. I start smacking him harder, a slight glow appears. I'm imagining his initiation. One last smack and I roll him over. His rod's sprung taut against his belly. "You want to spank me?" He means hard with a belt or paddle. I can't think of a suitable instrument, but then it's out of the question, I'm worried about having made too much noise already. I've never spanked a boy in more than play but now I'm very tempted with one willing.

Wendle is not fuckable, in fact few Corner boys are although a few more will fuck you, not that this information is particularly relevant. Wendel will have no more foreplay and indicates he wants to be serviced. The ballbearing makes it more interesting, you can bite it with your lips and pull or flick it from side to side with your tongue. He keeps his orgasm as private as he can and is more anxious than eager to service me and leave. I'd forgotten how bad he was in bed, perhaps a reason for his poverty. I give him two hundred pesos, enough to buy two T-shirts or a better pair of pants, but I assume it's partied, gambled and spent on solvent, the bottom line drug of the street poor at ten pesos a bottle. Good times are the preferred investment.

We finish the last location sequences where the surviving heroes and their women escape to freedom in a commandeered fishing boat as communist gunboats close in. The ship, a veteran of several movies, comes complete with a generator, a detachable boom for overhead and angle shots and can bunk a dozen. Benito's pleased with the rushes and invites me to a private, wink, wink, party. He's renting a large suite on the top floor of the posh Midtown Plaza Hotel for the purpose. He won't tell me more but I have a inkling of what it might be.

I arrive politely late for the party and am introduced to a couple of his cronies. Monty, a balding Englishman and rumoured to have once been Benito's lover, I've seen around the set a few times. He's done some Shakespeare and advises on dialogue. The other is George, a tall greying American with a military haircut whom I've not seen before. Two of our Filipino technicians, Nilo and Franky, both of whom I've worked with, complete the group. I do not have to guess that we all have a common interest in boys. Benito says Philippe will be arriving soon but that Thomas has declined saying he's too well known. Our special project is about to be launched and we sit on the balcony drinking California wine coolers tossing ideas around. A shiny minibus pulls into the crescent driveway below and Philippe gets out followed by a dozen of the more attractive of the young beggar and vendor boys from the strip. All look unusually well scrubbed and have fancy new athletic shoes, identical shorts and T-shirts. Philippe leads them in a file, the two crippled boys first, into the hotel. Two minutes later they enter the suite and emblazoned on their T-shirts we read:


It's strictly a 'leave your clothes at the door party' for the boys and only one of the cripples makes any pretence at modesty. I noticed he's supot, uncircumcised, very unusual for a boy probably fifteen. I've seen him at the Corner and pesoed him a few times. Wendel's there and I recognize several others. They dig into the generous supply of refreshments including their favourite junk foods as we watch. Wendel, munching barbeque flavour corn chips, tells me each boy is getting one thousand pesos and transportation, sort of a customary surcharge that hustlers expect. But they won't be allowed to keep the T-shirts he complains. I suggest he show people his ball-bearing.

The shy cripple hobbles over on his new crutch. I say, "Peso?" and he grins broadly. After an awkward few seconds he asks, "Sex now?" presumably instructed in his duties. In one of the bedrooms I lay him down and gently began stroking the length of his body. It tickles, "Titi only." he pleads. I ask Jun how come he's still supot as circumcision is a more difficult and probably painful operation when a boy's well into puberty. He says, no money, but I knew in the past the city has organized free mass circumcisions for hundreds of destitute boys. The lack of buddies for support and to share the experience with may have been another reason. I try but the foreskin won't retract very much and then almost clinically as he won't be touched elsewhere I masturbate him, maybe the first man to do so. He's very, very horny and doesn't take long to squirt and dribble. Now I can retract it all the way, it's too tight anyway and stinks from no regular cleaning. He tells me he wants to be circumcised soon. I allow him to play with me. He has a complete lack of expertise and after some of his curiosity has been satisfied we return to the main room.

Benito's entertaining a small group with the magic tricks he cultivates for such purposes. A pretty faced urchin boy sits on his lap. "Well, what do you think?" Benito seems pleased. "It was all Philippe's idea and he arranged everything. The 'Association' is paying for it. I even had an attorney register the name." He stops to consult with the lad on his lap. "Victor here says he knows a trick, and he wants to demonstrate." Victor gets up and stands leaning against a wall. He folds his arms across his chest and closes his eyes in concentration. His long cock rises from its scraggly bush, becomes rigid and after almost a minute semen spurts without it having being touched, an impressive mind over body feat.

Philippe has found a boy he can fuck and the other adults and most of the boys are not around. Then Monty emerges from a bedroom with two boys of almost identical physiques though there'd be no mistaking their faces. "I think we have something here." he announces and signals them to proceed. The boys gracefully embrace, lick each others faces and kiss with convincing passion as their hands stroke and fondle the other and their pelvises and pricks rub together. "They're probably too fucked out to come again." Monty comments. I'm amazed, for however enthusiastic Filipino boys may be with an older foreigner, attempts at sex with boys their own age and race may only produce embarrassed giggles as if there were something like an incest taboo. Some hustlers claim they have no interest in sex with other Filipinos.

Benito's also intrigued, "I think we may have done some casting this evening, we can use some of these boys, I only wish we had some better white boy candidates, like a couple of David McLeans." There is in fact only one who really appeals to us, a Dutch eighteen year old, Jamie. He's small and very, very blond and can project magnificent expressions of wonder, fear, vulnerability and anguish. He's a bit effeminate and can come on like a raging queen if he chooses, and he adores little dark skinned boys. There will be no problem with his father, a resident pedophile into much younger stuff. Benito also announces that the 'Filipino-American Mutual Benefit Association' had taken over the lease on the 'fishing boat', the Santa Rita IV. It will be an ideal base and cover for our special project which he now plans to shoot at a remote location on the north coast of Mindoro a nearby island. George, a former U.S. Navy lieutenant will be the skipper.

The beggar boys leave with Philippe at ten o'clock. They will be spending two days at a holiday ranch in Batangas complete with horses, TV, video games and a swimming pool, courtesy of the Association. Benito does not want them spreading the word around too soon.

One day on location I find Thomas in one of his black depressed moods. He refuses to tell me what's the matter and I know enough to leave him alone. Later at a small restaurant on the road back to Manila, and after a couple of drinks he lets it all out. It's Joachim, he'd left him alone with his current favourite from the Corner, Lito, a doe eyed Mestizo child, and returning early he'd caught them in bed together, his bed, and they'd obviously been fucking which made it even worse. "I trusted him, I loved like a son. All those nights I spent next to his lovely soft body, not so much as even kissing him as desire burned in my loins. I trusted him as I thought he could trust me. Once before I found my K-Y under a cushion on the sofa but I said nothing." I keep a straight face and say nothing but console him as sympathetically as I can. "When I demanded an explanation all he said was that he liked younger boys, and he's not yet fourteen. Why does everyone like younger boys? It's not fair."

But there's an upside to the affair. A few days later Thomas mentions that he'd been talking to Joachim, and maybe, perhaps, there might be a role for him in our special project. Having seen the boy in loving action I'm delighted, both Benito and I are not entirely satisfied with our other white boy candidates, but I still can't understand his complete turn around. Thomas later admits that Joachim had overheard him discussing the project and begged to join in. "But Max is still too young and innocent. I made Joachim promise to say nothing about it to Max." I pretend to agree with his wisdom as I think of his new boy on a pedestal.

Max however did not allow Thomas the luxury of noble abstinence for long. On the second night, after waiting up for hours, he starts a pillow fight and in the ensuing struggle and wrestling Max prominently displays his little hardon. And after giving him some playfully pokes and pinches he sees that Thomas has a boner too although he tries to hide it. "There's no time for fooling around, Good night!" Normally Thomas would speak in German. Max tells him his back is sore and needs to be rubbed. Thomas reluctantly obliges. "And my front too?" Max rolls over his springy little prong slapping his belly. Thomas, to give him credit, massaged Max's front from neck to knees, pretending to ignore the locus of his lust swaying before his eyes. It was 'Good night' again. But Max wanted to give Thomas a massage, so he could practise what he'd just learnt. Again reluctant Thomas agreed, and found out it was "front only". He'd long given up hiding his eager erection and Max went to work his eyes ogling the long tormented member while his hands avoided it as they massaged their way past. Finally Thomas, probably pushed well beyond the endurance of most of us, asked, "Do you masturbate?" Max laughed, and soon Thomas was laughing too, and soon cuddled, they jacked each other off. Max had a second frigging later. At least this is Max's version as he told me some time after.

With the boat in mind we explore a pirate storyline for our special project, or 'Operation Santa Rita' as we now call it, but there are technical problems and it begs major adult roles. We settle on an adventure theme where the white brothers, Max had thrown a tantrum when Thomas tried to stop him, are ship wrecked on an island inhabited by ninth generation Lord of the Flies savages ruled by the 'White Goddess', King Jamie. We'll think up some interesting exotic/erotic customs and rituals for the natives. Joachim and Max will of course be captured sooner or later and undergo some kind of ordeal before a climactic orgy scene. We feed our ideas to Monty who will draft a working script although we all know we'll be improvising as we go along. I'm thinking of a lot of water and underwater shots.

For tactical reasons the final casting of the Filipino boys is left to the end. We choose five of the beggar boys including at my suggestion Jun, the cripple who wants to be circumcised, two young friends of Thomas, one being the beautiful mestizo Lito, Jing who simply tells his mother he's visiting friends in the provinces, and two 'cousins' of Nilo. They're housed at the holiday ranch for security reasons until everything is ready.

I videotape all the boys boarding the ship in their FAMBYA T-shirts and try to accustom them to the camera as much as I can. Thomas and Monty give impromptu acting lessons and I help with some instant replays. Later the boys are encouraged to strip and fool around with each other getting used to the camera while I get used to the rolling ship. The results are not encouraging, the boys don't seem able to relax and let go. Some can't even keep a hardon. But I don't understand the reason until one legged Jun who's trying to learn how to suck cock pukes all over the other lad, Lito, who in turn sprays puke on Jun. Others get seasick too but on the replay later most find it very funny. It takes us most of the day to reach the cove location that Franky who'd grown up in the area has scouted for us near the western tip of Mindoro. The cove is sheltered, out of the chop, with a short but idyllic white sand beach flanked by picturesque limestone formations. Coconut palms line the beach and behind steep jungle slopes lead up to misty peaks. We nose into the beach and unload some supplies and equipment. With a well provisioned ship and an abundance of boys it seems a perfect paradise. Unfortunately we're there to work.

Then I notice patches of comote planted behind the palms and ask Franky. There's a small fishing barrio less than a mile away but nothing to worry about. Even if they do want to cause us problems there are no telephones and who'd want to waste gasoline going to town. Yachts are known to anchor here occasionally. Do I expect to get away from people entirely in the Philippines?

After setting up camp including running a power cable from the now anchored ship we have time for some fun. A ghetto blaster provides music and some began to dance. With Nilo assisting I film them shaking, twisting and clowning in the low glowing rays of the setting sun. The crescent moon soon follows the crimson sun below the sea's horizon leaving a dark bright starry night.

Most of us choose to sleep on the beach, I have Jing, Thomas his two, Benito with the youngest beggar boy and I forget the rest. I look up at the stars in the cool night air as Jing nicely sucks my cock, and I see in the sky the exploding galaxies I feel in my loins. And Jing is a glutton as I blow him again and again and again.

Not long after dawn we awake when seven little naked boys with sticks and bolos [small machetes] run shouting across the beach. Momentary paranoia. They stop and look at us curiously, the oldest, maybe ten says something that Philippe can't understand. But Franky knows the dialect and explains that they've come to harvest some comote. Not wanting to advertise our man-boy sleeping arrangements we quickly dress. The barrio boys gathered a few handfuls of comotes and run back. We decide to post a lookout in the future.

We start work after breakfast with Monty and Philippe explaining and rehearsing the 'savages', or Batangoons as we call them, 'bata' meaning child in Tagalog, in the rituals of their tribe. Jamie, the cruel chieftain or Supreme Bugger looks forward to his role. Thomas, Nilo and I, with Benito available are to shoot the early post shipwreck sequences with Joachim as Peter and Max as his young brother Jan. With the sky overcast but clearing we decide to take advantage of the diffuse light for an intimate, and one of the more loving sex scenes. We set up reflectors and the brothers lie down near the water where later we will we will shoot them collapsing exhausted after swimming ashore.

Thomas directs: Peter is the first to awake, he bends over Jan, [I close on their faces] "Jan, are you all right?" Jan's eyes flicker open. "Thank god, I need you little brother." He gives Jan a peck of a kiss. Jan's arms reach up and clasp Peter's shoulders. "Oh Peter!" They kiss with greater ardour Jan's head turned around and up. They lick, tongue, bite and squirm. [I hold on it for twenty seconds before slowly backing off.] Subtle now, and now we see that Peter's fucking and frigging Jan, first fuck of the flick. [I hold on them full length for thirty seconds, close on the penetration as Nilo films intercuts of their faces and Benito makes the slurpy sounds.] Thomas cues 'orgasm', the boys speed up, I see their faces tense and relax, they're certainly convincing. [I back off to full length and hold.] Thomas has them affectionately caress and kiss again. Peter uncouples, his glistening shrinking cock still oozing cum. He really did it! [I close on it briefly before backing off to reveal the whole idyllic scene of sand, rocks, water and palms.] Next we shoot them exploring the beach, picking and eating the fruit that Philippe had so carefully attached to branches. Then we do a bunch of nature boy shots as they run, splash, climb and play on the beach and rocks and in the jungle, a lot of great one take shots.

After lunch George takes the ship out into the chop for the sequence following the sinking of the ship. That particular problem had been resolved when Thomas obtained some usable clips from a previous 'sinking' of the Santa Rita IV. It was a different colour then but who cares. We toss in a wide plank as 'wreckage' for the brothers to cling to. The boys still wearing some shredded clothes go over the side of the dingy and swim to it. The sea is rough, the chop whitecapping on top of long swells. Holding the camera low but not as steady as I want I get some dramatic shots as the boys disappear and reappear the coast seemingly miles away. Peter and Jan go under, flail about shouting and crying. Both good swimmers they have a wonderful time almost overdoing it. George once a top amateur swimmer stays within a few feet of them. We repeat the scene close to some high rock cliffs where the spray bounces back creating a powerful effect of danger.

George brings the ship back to the cove and calm water. The brothers, now 'exhausted', paddle and tread water edging towards the beach with Peter having to assist Jan. It takes a while as Benito wants both overhead and wetbox shots. The white sand bottom reflects light up on the boys languidly moving a few strokes at a time, their last revealing tatters drifting with the current. Moving onshore I shoot them crawling up onto the beach where we filmed them earlier and collapsing, Peter's hand caressing his brother's little bum.

Towards sundown we get ready for the brother's second sex scene. A filmy fine nylon fishnet we've found is spread out at one end of the beach and a fire is started. We do not bother to establish how our naked heroes were able to light it. Benito's delighted with the coziness of the set. We lightly oil Peter's and Jan's bodies to catch highlights from the fire and the sunset which promises to be more florid than the evening before. Benito wants a little loving mutual fellatio, "Such beautiful cocks were made to be sucked." he says. Thomas tries to explain but it isn't until the brothers make it absolutely clear that they will neither suck nor be sucked that Benito relents. They will do it their own way. Thomas makes some suggestions about foreplay and the boys start playfully, a good deal of teasing at first, a playful romp becoming more sensuous with caresses and brief cuddles. [I keep the camera active gradually closing on them] Nilo handles the detail shots. Then Peter pins Jan down roughly and jacks him rapidly, a little hint of rape, until Jan bites his shoulder and hardons waving they wrestle for a while. They kneel facing each other, embracing, kissing, hands gently stroking the other from neck to ass. Then Jan, or Max as I'd seen him that night at Thomas's, takes the initiative pushing his brother over backwards and wiggling his bum squats on Peter's rod. The lighting, the highlights on the heaving chests, rocking, undulating bodies and Jan's triumphant face are magnificent. Nilo's camera pans to half hidden figures of Batangoons watching with interest. The action peaks, Jan collapsing forward on his brother kissing him passionately. The Batangoons turn and leave.

From the rocks beside us come the classic sound of 'wolf whistles'. Nilo dashes up to investigate and catches a glimpse of some little boys running back to the barrio.

Most of us sleep on the ship that night but Philippe and I stay ashore to guard our equipment. One legged Jun stays with me, he's eager to practise his new cock sucking skills and I think it's time to begin educating his virgin asshole. He cheerfully compromises on both and endures the latter bravely and proudly. I teach him kissing and jack him off four times delighting his ego with attention. Philippe has his turn with Jamie's ass which always wants more but has to take his turn on bottom. I hear that Benito, after trying for Max, ended up with the unfuckable Jing and that George is less than satisfied with Nilo's rascally cousins. Joachim and Max become the first to fuck the youngest beggar boy. We have no visitors from the barrio in the morning.

We start with the capture scene in the morning, all three cameras as we want plenty of action. Jing, the two beggar boys who performed so well with each other, Tito and Toti we call them, and one of Nilo's cousins are the captors. Philippe and Monty paint their faces and bodies with black and white stripes and a few touches of blue.

Thomas's instructions are pretty basic. The captors are to snare the brothers in the fishnet but they manage to get out and a free for all fight follows with the captors finally binding the brothers wrists and ankles with rope and carrying them off dangling from poles. They are told to be careful and not hurt each other. We allow them to run through the scene quickly a couple of times and practise their fighting techniques. The first take is botched as the brothers can't get out of the net. In the second it's too easy and contrived but by then they're putting on an impressive brawl karate kicks and all. Then Jan accidentally gets kneed in the balls, I catch it, he goes down in agony but comes back flailing angrily at the perpetrator and gets the worst end of it again. Peter, his muscles straining is gradually overpowered and the brothers still struggling are carried off scene. It's not perfect but we can't expect better. We finish with a few travel shots of the brothers being carried through jungle.

At lunch some of the boys are sent to the creek a quarter of a mile the other way to fetch water while the others help with the cooking. Benito and George want some footage of the boys swimming, sucking and fucking in and under water. I'm willing to oblige. They haven't figured out how to incorporate it in the story yet but it was fun to film the boys trying. After, I rest as Monty and Philippe set things up for the scene where the brothers are presented to the Supreme Bugger in a clearing at the foot of the jungle slope that Benito had the boys grub out in their spare time.

We're ready. Monty directs. Jamie, the Supreme Bugger wearing a fierce looking studded leather headdress and body painted with lightning bolt stripes that seem to converge on his electric pink genitals stands with his back to the slope and holds a yard long, broad sword shaped paddle. To one side Jun crouching has lowered a small branch and twine cage over himself and peers out forlornly. In front of Jamie bent over hands on knees little Lito, his ass made up to look well welted and bruised, starts to whimper. The Supreme Bugger delivers one loud last smack with the paddle smearing the make up. Lito's shriek is for real this time. Jamie trying hard to look severe, "You are lucky to get off with That for unauthorized masturbationing....And you all know what happens if I catch any of you boys actually touching each other down there." Turning to Lito, "You may pay your respects and go back." I don't think Jamie is trying to sound campy but. Lito remembering a pretence of pain kneels in front of Jamie and sucks him three times with Monty having to cue him, counting on his fingers.

The captors arrive with the brothers and dump them in front of Jamie. Each captor in turn kneels before him and sucks Jamie's rod three times. Jing, whose English is the best, steps forward and chants:

Most magnificent Supreme Bugger
Master of our butts
Sole Giver of Ecstasy
Permission to speak Sir?

Jamie signals him to rise, and Jing who really must have practised says, "We caught dese guys intrudin' on yer turf man, and forniferacaterin' widout yer unholy permission."

"FORNIFERACATIONING!" screams the Supreme Bugger. The captors hold the boys as the Supreme Bugger examines them from a cannibal's point of view, checking for flesh, pinching, comparing their thighs especially, and finally tugging at their balls and licking his lips. "Tomorrow we feast."

One of the other boys looks up, "Master of my butt, Sir, permission to speak?" Jamie signals. "What about the other one, it's getting skinny?" Jun is brought forward to be examined. Jamie probes him indifferently, "Why only one leg? It's the best part." Jun is taken away. "We eat white meat." and he adds after being told not to, "I bet most of you boys never had white meat."

The Supreme Bugger turns to the captors, "For capturizing these fornificationers I awards you each thirty seconds of Ecstasy." The captors dash into a line, the first boy kneels and sucks Jamie, who's having no trouble keeping erection, three times and turns and stands in front for the Supreme Bugger who reaches around and jacks him for thirty seconds another boy counting. The other three captors follow the last one pleading, "Supreme Bugger, Sir, please Sir, I didn't have full ecstasy." Jamie fails to look stern enough, "You know the penalty for insubordination." The other captors all look pleadingly at him. Jamie camps and ad libs, "Oh well, you can have another thirty seconds on your own but I may take it off your monthly allowance." Monty insists on a retake where the Supreme Bugger says, "Thirty seconds only and you better be quick." They frig away furiously one of them squealing and collapsing. The particular boy, Tito in fact, is dragged and bent over in front of Jamie who slowly and ceremoniously fucks him as the other boys, their heads to the ground, chant in time to his thrusts, "Om. om. om. om." After about a dozen thrusts and an off camera wiping Tito sucks the Supreme Bugger three times and rejoins the others.

The boy who was concerned about Jun getting skinny, Victor, raises his head again, "Supreme Bugger, Unholy Master of my hole, Sole Giver of Ecstasy, please Sir," pointing to the brothers, "Cannot you give to them a chance? Maybe they not be the one to know?"

Jamie ponders, "Another chance? Another chance for what?....Another chance for a lot of things." he eyes and probes the brothers lewdly, smirking he sticks his fingers up their assholes. He's too camp for Monty but each retake gets worse. "I guess we'll have to go kill some pigs instead." he ad libs. "CUT!" Benito demands but I've got it and I like it.

The brothers ankles are untied and the rope retied tightly around their chests and arms. Jan is made to kneel before the Supreme Bugger who says, "Pay your respects thirty three times." Jan refuses as he would Max. "What is This? INSUBORDINATION!" He hands the paddle to Toti who starts beating the unseen pillow taped to Jan's backside. After a dozen hard blows he's really starting to feel it so we stop. Benito wants Peter beaten too but Monty says there's not enough time.

The brothers are staked out spread-eagled on their backs. All the boys gather around and poke them with dull dye tipped spears dimpling their skin and leaving red marks. The brothers' agony looks almost real. I set up an overhead camera for the scene. The Supreme Bugger takes a particular interest in the brothers' balls making out that they're delicacies. And then we do some footage with some torture props that Benito wants. Finally he has the boys cluster around the brothers to pee on them. They loudly object. "Fuck you!" Peter snarls. "Go pee up your own ass." Jan adds. It takes Benito a while to persuade them of the 'artistic necessity' of the shots but there's to be no pissing on the face and they can wash right after. Actually they're good shots, lots of spouting cocks, several streams of urine splashing on the pale 'tormented' forms of the brothers whose indignation is quite real. We quit early as we have a lot of night shooting ahead. But then Thomas and Nilo with some lines from Monty go off to shoot Tito and Toti's illicit lovemaking in a small cave up the beach.

The boys burn the rice at dinner.

At night we re-stake the brothers to the ground, a guard boy sleeping by a nearby fire. Jun drags himself over and starts untying the brothers, "How'd you get out?" Peter asks. "Forgotten to locking the door." They have to get past the guard who's sleeping sprawled legs open with a hardon. Every time the three boys creep close the guard stirs. Finally Jun silently goes on his own, approaches and starts sucking on the hardon. The guard in sleep talk mumbles, "Oh my my my Supreme Bugger, my my most Sole Give of Ecstasy....I love you..." And mumbling more such nonsense he has a convulsive orgasm and snores. I couldn't be sure if he really came or not.

They sneak up on another boy secretly masturbating, a nervous look on his face. He catches them watching, freaks, looks scared and tries to hide his hardon. The other three smile and start jacking themselves. The boy, one of Nilo's cousins starts jacking himself again looking like he's enjoying it.

Tito and Toti appear, "What is going on here?....Frigging, FRIGGING, We will tell the Supreme Bugger." "Don't, don't." the others plead. "It is evil to touch there. Only the Supreme Bugger has the right." Victor, the pretty faced beggar boy who can psyche himself off appears, "Nobody has to touch you, watch!" As Benito wants he performs legs apart and arms spread up, like Leonardo's man in a circle. Victor complains it isn't as easy that way. Both Nilo and Benito get closeups of the spurting semen. Tito and Toti collapse supposedly from shock, and with their stupidest expressions begin to masturbate. All the boys are 'liberated' although we don't have time or ideas for all. After a lot of promiscuous fondling the boys grab their wooden spears and leave to confront the Supreme Bugger.

The Supreme Bugger is fucking Lito dog style and liking darker boys his delight is genuine but he's supposed to look cruel too. Lito is slightly uncomfortable which will look good. Thomas encourages his agony as I close on their faces, they'll make good intercuts. "And after, if you're good, I'll give you thirty seconds Ecstasy. And I want you to send in Victor, his asshole should be healed by now."

The other boys, Jan leading, pounce into the enclosure spears at ready. "What're you trying to pull off Mr. Supreme Bullshit." Another boy adds, "We do not need you Supreme Bugger Sir." and they all start frigging themselves. "STOP, STOP, you can't do that. It's evil I tell you, it's EVIL." They boys charge pinning Jamie to the ground with their spears and lightly poking him. Jamie comes into his own, his fear, anguish and poor abused child expressions are his best footage. They drag him off.

We'd got a lot of work done and Benito's pleased entertaining great plans for the morrow starting with the big orgy scene. We're all very tired and I can tell some of the boys are getting pissed off. Most of us, except for Thomas of course, sleep alone as the boys decide to bed out at the other end of the beach although I get a brief visit from Jun in the middle of the night. He pulls back his tight foreskin to show me he'd cleaned under it, it smells sweet, but it gets so hard he can't pull it back. It hurts, I suck him and he has two kinds of relief as he spurts and his cock softens.

In the morning Benito thinks he's being benevolent by waiting 'til eight before sending Philippe to wake them. He comes back saying that most of them refuse, they want the day off. Only Jun and Thomas's two have shown up by nine and Benito, believing himself to be extremely patient waits til ten before going over to them and explaining his reasons why they must push on. Thomas thinks he's being a bit hasty. The boys become defiant, Max and Nilo's cousins Nitoy and Ralfy seem to be the ringleaders and the four other beggars are solidly behind them, Jing and Joachim wavering. Max is the spokesman, "Like we got to do all the work, we cook your rice, get your water, cut down the jungle and we get beaten and fucked and pissed on when we don't want to, like you, Mister Producer, you're the real Supreme Bugger, and all we get is a measly five thousand pesos. You'd be lucky to get one of us for a night, I hear, where you come from. We're taking the day off and if you want some fucking, go fuck yourself." The other boys all wearing T-shirts and shorts for the first time since we'd arrived cheer Max on. "And we all want one hundred thousand pesos. We've heard about this kiddieporn business, you're going to make billions and billions of dollars off this movie." Benito doesn't point out that under the present difficult marketing situation he's unlikely to recoup his costs. He has enough sense to leave them alone but still entertains the idea of doing the orgy scene that afternoon. However Thomas's view prevails when he says we all need a day off. We can talk about the labour troubles later and there are some things we might do anyway.

The idea of filming the circumcision of Jun had been around from the start and was one of the reasons he was selected. We decide to shoot it anyway even if Monty hasn't found a way to work it into the story yet - he's still trying. Franky has located an abularyo, a herb doctor from up in the mountains, not part of the barrio, who performs traditional circumcisions, but there's always been more important things to do. I talk to the other beggar boys who're very understanding and agree to take part. Franky sets off to find the abularyo, and Nilo, Thomas, George and I lug the portable generator and our equipment a difficult half mile up to the waterfall and pool on the creek where we plan to do some other shots as well. The boys have a wonderful, circumspect, boy scout day playing volleyball with the old fishnet, trying to harvest coconuts and later playing pusoy, a card game for hours. A visiting priest would see nothing amiss. Franky doesn't get back with Enrique, the grizzled old abularyo until almost four.

Franky interprets as Enrique speaks neither English nor Tagalog. Franky tells us that the old man is happy to cut a boy who needs it so badly. He seems very kind, gives Jun some guava leaves to chew for use as a poultice after and hardly seems to notice the strange cameras and reflectors we have. Jun sits on a low rocky ledge by the pool, a spray fed moss and fern cliff behind, and a heavy block of dark hardwood is secured in front of him at the level of his penis. The other beggar boys arrange themselves beside and behind him, Victor kneeling and hugging him around the chest, Tito and Toti each holding a hand, and the youngest beggar stroking his head and neck. The three white boys all uncircumcised and curious sit in front of the master shot camera facing them.

Nilo pans the background, the faces, and will do the close ups. Benito, who's good, takes stills which he promises Jun copies of. Enrique takes an old woodplane blade and a short heavy stick from his basket pouch. He rubs Jun's cock until it's semihard then he stretches the loose foreskin out past the knob and holds it down on the wood block with the sharp end of the blade. Jun has little time for apprehension, two quick taps with the stick and his remaining foreskin slides back over the knob. Jun twitches and tenses but quickly recovers himself and even remembers to display his lightly bleeding cock for a closeup before he's lifted and tossed in the pool. Boys are usually made to swim or run immediately after they're cut to distract them from the pain and promote a cleansing flow of blood. Jun's not much of a swimmer and thrashes around frantically until he's hauled out a minute later. I shoot him smiling proudly after. The whole scene has only taken four minutes. Franky gives Enrique a pouch of tobacco, a carton of matches and a bottle of rum, to be more generous might arouse suspicion and attract attention.

The adults fetch water for dinner and do most of the cooking and serving. Benito's charming and claims the chicken he's prepared is from a secret recipe his mother gave him. The Filipino boys find the sauce too spicy and scrape it off. But they're in a good mood after their holiday although they haven't forgotten their demands. We decide to bring out the wine we've been saving for ourselves and share it with the boys. The prime vintage is lost on their palates, although two compared it favourably to solvent. There's only enough to get some of them tipsy but all put on an act.

We still have to deal with our labour dispute and now seems like the right time. Benito's willing to give them more money but Thomas objects, "You can't just give the boys more money. The five thousand they're getting already may do them more harm than good. Except for the few with families what can they do with it? More money is likely to get them killed." After some discussion Benito announces that the Filipino - American Mutual Benefit Youth Association, will set up a FAMBYA Fund for scholarships, clothing, roof repairs and 'allowances' that could cover a wide range of things. The boys see the logic and trusting Thomas they agree. And Benito is a man of his word.

That night Jing returns to my bed and Joachim blesses Thomas's for the first time though not with his butt I gather. Monty and George are smugly pleased the next morning but details are lacking. And Benito, thanks to his small cock has finally fucked the youngest beggar boy.

In the morning most of us go back to the waterfall where we take a lot of nature boy footage and innocent romps by the pool with Thomas explaining in Taglish some techniques of what we're doing, lighting and angles, and making movies. I let them use my video camera, for some it takes two, and we watch the replays after. We start working in some 'post liberation' lovemaking shots of the boys, encouraging foreplay, affection and passion but letting them decide what and with whom. We get some great sucking and fucking footage with Nilo's cousins, Nitoy and Ralfy's sixty-niner, probably the best. Then Joachim dives into the pool from high on the cliff and Max follows wanting to be shot and most of the others insist on the same til I run out of film.

After lunch in the clearing we start the main orgy scene. The boys have all had at least three hours since their last orgasms, well rested for lads of that age. Jamie, the Supreme Bugger is tied over a log, legs spread ass in the air. Sweet little Lito his last 'victim' fucks him mechanically but with a sweet smug smile. Jamie genuinely enjoys it but tries to look pained. Victor who's got the biggest boner of the bunch awaits his turn tuning up his tool. The others cavort joyfully and promiscuously around him jacking and goosing each other. Victor takes over. Jamie camps, "I never knew it would feel this good!" The new deal with Jamie is that he gets to use his own lines and it's up to us to edit them out if we want. Benito wants a strong German attack on the Dutch rear. The brothers fuck the pale blonde's ass aggressively with a suggestion and rhythm of punishment til they come, in Max's case much too soon. Others follow, most only jabbing away briefly in the pink rimmed hole that may have had more than it wanted. I think that's the end of it when another boy, one of the barrio brats steps into my lens and tries to hump away at Jamie. I look around, there's more, nine in fact, and they're invading the set, parading around looking pleased with themselves and frigging their tiny hardons.

Benito's aghast, "Franky, what should we do? You tell them......" Franky calmly says, "What, Benny? Don't worry, let them think everything is normal. And keep on shooting so they don't think anything's wrong." The barrio brats, tough and healthy looking kids know what cameras are for and mug, wave and frig in front of them. And they all have short turns with Jamie going through the motions though their hardons don't get close. Then still wandering around they start frigging each other and then the older boys as they pass by. They really get interested in jacking the big boys whose cocks respond much more than their own. Then one of them sucks Jing's cock three times but no more, other brats start sucking the boys, but three times is always the limit. And Jamie looking pissed off pulls up his stakes and unties himself.

Benito remembers that we still have to finish the orgy scene, the Supreme Bugger after punishment, becomes redeemed, converted, is released and joins in the grand orgy, a new man so to speak. Benito wants plenty of shots showing Jamie's slender white cock thrusting into dark asses and the Supreme Bugger is looking forward to performing.

Then it starts to rain, hard, a more than proverbial tropical downpour, thunder and lightning overhead, and wind. We have to struggle to protect our equipment. A sheet of water flows down the slope behind us and a section by the clearing slumps and mud starts flowing from above. When the rain lets up forty minutes later the clearing and beyond it are flooded with a fine pale yellow mud. One boy slips and falls in it and his would be saviour slips too, then the barrio brats jump in and roll around and it becomes fun for all. Instant mud men and Philippe seeing the opportunity gets most them to smear their hair and faces too completing the effect. They find the mud is also good for jacking. One of the barrio brats starts playing zombie, walking stiffly, head cocked to the side. Then all of them and half of the boys get into the act using their most stupid expressions. As the mud dries and cracks the effect becomes even more grotesque. It's obvious they've all seen NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. And two of the little zombies pretend to fuck and it looks convincing at the angle I shoot it.

We get an orgy scene of sorts, certainly not what we intended, and I can't see how Monty can work the barrio brats into the script and with the mudslide we can't use the clearing anymore. Benito's philosophical, "So what, I proclaim the doctrine of inimmaculate conception whereby if boys fuck long and hard enough they beget barrio brats." But then he's still thinking of shooting the end of the orgy scene on the beach.

Having been accepted into our company the barrio brats don't want to leave. They examine our equipment, check our supplies and four swim out to the ship and climb aboard where George shows them around. Franky's solution is to let them stay and invite them for dinner. He sends some of them back to the barrio with a few hundred pesos and they return with six large fish, three dozen warm beer and a twelve year old in shorts with an ancient guitar. He's serenaded visiting yachtsmen before Franky tells us. The fresh fish is welcome and delicious, we have a minor feast. After, around a fire the barrio boy plays and sings some 70's songs in his tinny voice. Then Ralfy takes over the guitar and plays some tunes more to boys' liking. The evening is sickeningly wholesome but great fun. Eventually the barrio brats go home.

Jun, who's been out of things most of the day suffering somewhat from his circumcision, hobbles over to me when I'm bedding with Nitoy whose broad Malay face, big mouthed smile and still hairless pubes have caught my attention. The discomfort of Jun's operation is compounded by a horniness, an erection that won't go away but causes him pain. And it hurts too much and bleeds if he tries to masturbate, a masochistic dilemma. I can see his penis is sore and swollen and want to help. I've heard that if the prostrate gland is massaged through the anus it causes an ejaculation. It's never worked on me but I give it a try with Jun deeply fingering and probing his asshole. However Nitoy has the solution, he gets a spoon and shows Jun how to press down on his knob so the skin doesn't stretch as he jacks himself off. I only caught it on my video and the lighting was poor but you see a little blood mixed with the semen.

Nitoy's a well muscled lad, strong for his size, wiry and thin but not what you'd call skinny. He speaks little English and doesn't need much when I discover he's a keen little hedonist. He almost purrs as I caress the length of his slender boy form and when I try to give him a nice blow job I get my mouth fucked instead. And a few seconds later he attacks me and takes me down.

The next morning was sunny and hot, and the sun can make more difference than what passes for seasons in the Philippines, a fairly shady land. It's ideal for underwater shooting and the ship's radio mentions another approaching tropical storm which could reduce the clarity of inshore waters. Benito decides we should do our underwater and water shots of the boys just in case, finishing the orgy can wait. George will operate the underwater camera and I will work from the dingy with a wet box with Nilo operating the overhead boom. Thomas and Monty have had some of them practising for days learning to suck and fuck while swimming on and under the surface. All of the boys including Jun who suffers the sting of the salt on his cut take part. George tells me he got a magnificent pan from some coral to Jun's leg stub to his cock which drifted like the stalk of a red ringed sea anemone and back to coral again. George tends to be an artist but then he's often right.

But most of it ends up as a sort of water ballet with attempts at erotic episodes. Underwater fucking isn't easy though breeders might fare better and Benito's idea of underwater looping, soixante-neufing boys proves absurd. But we take a lot of footage of boys cavorting from above and below and underneath, lovely little bodies wiggling, groping, frigging, swimming, singly, in pairs, in files and turbulent frenzies of boys, boys, boys. I've just finished some ephemeral shots of Joachim and Max diving down and caressing in a coral wonderland when the cove becomes choppy and we noticed huge dark clouds over Luzon to the northeast. The tropical storm does not rank as a typhoon according to the ship's radio, but it has a name, Rita. George says we should get out to sea as soon as possible to prevent the ship being dashed against the rocks. We've lost the good lighting anyway. We soon start taking the storm very seriously and it's a frantic effort to get everything aboard before big waves begin pounding the ship.

George gets us out of there quick, I'm impressed, and checking the coast guard reports and the sky he turns into the storm towards Batangas Bay which he figures will be in the lee.

We soon have several seasick boys and can't take the initial establishment shot of the brothers on the 'yacht' as planned and the reason why we'd had the ship repainted white. Peter was supposed to deliver some lines which made the whole context clear and one of us adults wearing a wide floppy hat was to have been the hated stepfather. We lose the entire beginning of the story and the brothers' origin, they simply appear. And the story would have no real ending, compassion or justice done, or resolution in a rescue. The viewer might believe they're fucking there still.

Eight seasick hours later the SANTA RITA IV docks at the Batangas pier in heavy rain. We stay overnight at the holiday ranch and sort things out in the morning. Nobody's eager for sex.

Benito has to fly back to Los Angeles immediately for the release of COYOTE KID. Monty returns to this new place he's found in Laguna Province where, he says that if you pay the boys' school fees and books, and buy rice for the family, they're almost as good as yours. And I suspect buy bicycles, a TV, a fridge and pay for roof repairs. There are seven sons in the family so it sounds like a long term project. And it's risky anyway. I decide to hang around Manila for a few days before flying back.

I'm down at the Corner one evening listening to some boring expatriates complaining that one of their cronies talks too much when George comes by. With him are Tito and Toti convincingly transformed into young men with taste. I admire Toti's blue silk shirt and faint smudge of fuzz along his thick upper lip. George tells me they're his new houseboys and he's having them tutored in English and Math. Ever cautious George sends the boys off in a taxi before having a couple of beers with me. Jing walks by, catches my glance and sits in the plaza to wait.

Later Jun almost vaulting on his crutch comes over to me and greets me by name. He's cheerful, clean, and I see he's wearing a FAMBYA T-shirt. Having collected and disposed of them all, I demand to know where he got it. "For my new job." Jun replies, "Store make twenty for me. You like to buy?" I noticed a spelling mistake not on the originals. "And I sell you donations also. Give big receipt." I was glad to donate twenty pesos to the FAMBYA Fund. "And I be the one to keep all." I congratulate him on his new entrepreneurial spirit. "Yes, when I get money now I be the one to feel good, not them." And he wants to go with tourists to make more money but I suspect for the sex as well.

I find myself talking to some recently arrived tourists and gather they're sex starved for boys. I try to clue them in but it isn't what they'd heard. I make eye contact with Jing and walk home a different way. When I get to my pension he's talking in Tagalog with the guard about something that must be amusing. Jing follows me upstairs.

Jing, I've gotten used to seeing him naked, a naturally sleek boy animal. I've seen his boycock sucked by eight year olds and him return the favour. I've watched him fucking other boys but never getting fucked. And now before me Jing, little Jing is all the more exciting for having done so. "What we do first?" Jing grins. We play half the night til we're silly and soft. The next day I gave him my address to write me and around noon when the corridor is clear he slips out.

Back in Los Angeles I don't get to see much of Benito as he's very, very busy. COYOTE KID is a hit at the box office if not with the critics, and young David McLean himself as much as his performance has made it a success. He's no longer just another child actor but the new idol of the teen fanzines and a guest on popular talk shows. His thirteenth birthday party is attended by hundreds of celebrities with thousands of fans assembled outside. A columnist comments that it was lucky no one was hurt.

It's weeks before Benito can get around to editing the footage from our special project, a trusted friend of his Clive doing most of the work. And it's a couple of weeks after that, that he invites me over to see the rough cut, three hours he hopes to cut in half. But with one thing and another it isn't til two in the morning that we get to watch the film in his study. It's all there, the Supreme Bugger and the boys, Jun's circumcision and the barrio brats and the water ballet, and it's been put together with a Felliniesque flair that I like, more of a celebration than a story, buy heavily erotic. We figure how we can pare it some more and, of course, we have to see some parts again. I don't remember but we must have passed out. We're awakened by a knock on the door.

Benito's house secretary announces that David McLean, his mother and two agents have been waiting for half an hour. Benito had simply forgot the appointment. Philippe helps Benito get ready and prepares some refreshments as the maid's not around. I follow Benito into the library where David's entourage waits. There's also two lawyers, the well known director Sergio Squidleigh and Reginald of course. They're here to discuss the sequel to COYOTE KID. I agree to stay around until Benito's own lawyers arrive. His mother begins, "I appreciate all you've done for my David, and I'd like to give you the first chance to make an offer, but of course things have changed, and I'd insist that Sergio here be given...." It went on and on and all I really remember was the director saying that David was a "perishable commodity", something I agree with though I'd give him a few years yet. It must be boring for young David too, for after a while I notice he's not around.

When Benito's lawyers finally show up I find Philippe and once again we go looking for young David. He is not in Philippe's room but we soon find him in Benito's study. He is watching the scene where the Supreme Bugger is fucking little Lito, and masturbating. When he cares to notice us he turns and says nastily, "Fuck off, or I'll tell my mother and the police." We don't know what to do and try to get through to Benito but negotiations are at some critical stage and it's impossible.

When the meeting concludes half an hour later David appears looking unusually innocent, "Oh Reggie, if you don't mind could you please help me...." Mother interrupts, "Oh David, I'm so glad your manners are improving, why I remember the last time you were here." "Thank you Mother, Mr. Laguardia promised me some out takes from COYOTE KID and I just wanted Reggie to help me carry them down to the car." "That was very kind of Benny, you must remember to thank him again." I manage to get through to Benito, he's stunned. David comes up and politely shakes his hand and thanks him as Reggie carries the reels out the door.

Note: All proceeds from the sale of this story will be donated to the: Filipino - American Mutual Benefit Youth Association.