End of original BOYABUSE Stories – charges also included an unfinished version of Stand By America.

Ninja Option

Note: An alternative scenario starting at the third paragraph,
page 284 of THE NINJA by Eric Van Lustbader,
Fawcett Crest Books paperback 1980. The initial
situation and all characters are from the novel.

Standing by the bed Sparrow, as he is now to be called, fights to control the shivers and trembles agitating his flesh as fear starts to replace the delirium of the drug. He's pretty sure he's still in Manhattan's Chinatown, but where? Why was he kidnapped? And that big ugly Jap with tattoos all over him, what does he want? After what he's seen him do the girl, Philip, that's his real name, knows the Jap is dangerous, maybe a killer. He hates them fucking Japs. His grandfather's family was massacred in Shanghai by the fucking Japs. He hates them. Sparrow notices the Jap, who says he's a ninja staring at him, a faint smile on his lips, and instinctively Sparrow's hand goes to cover his nakedness. SLAP

"It's too late for that, my little American Chinaboy." the Jap mocks in a language incomprehensible to the child. Sparrow glares back as much to give himself courage. "I shall see if you are worthy fare for a ninja." That he sought diversions with a wretched girl and this Sparrow boy were of no consequence. No one who shared his Code of Loyalty, Courage and most importantly, Honour would think of questioning his private pursuits. His purpose, his great mission is all that matters, and THAT requires the blood of a boy. It's an ancient tradition to bring good fortune to a great undertaking. He knows what he plans is more than Ah Ma expects, but what could the miserable, degenerate, Chink scumbag do about it anyway?

The Jap continues to apprise the boy. Sparrow knows he must not panic, he must try to be brave and think. What's happening? And what's going to happen to me? And why am I called Sparrow? Philip has heard of guys like Dean Coryll and Gacy and how they took kids and tortured and killed them, And raped them too, Philip knows what that is and shudders. He decides, I will do my best to please this awesome, hairy Jap.... and maybe he will like me and not hurt me. Images of mutilated boys' bodies flash through his mind.

The Jap motions the boy to stand nearer and begins to examine him closely his fingers probing the developing muscles of his shoulders and neck, then down his arms pinching the slender biceps painfully and over the pale soft skin of Sparrow's narrow chest, and with his eyes bearing down into those of the boy's studying his reaction, he begins pinching and twisting his tiny nipples forcefully. Sparrow grimaces but keeps control of himself fighting the pain with hatred. The Jap seems pleased, "Ah my little sparrowboy, you have some mettle. A good omen for my mission. I'd half expected some tough acting street kid who'd wilt at the first trial, I must remember to thank Ah Ma."

Sparrow's confused, What does the bastard want? He seems to like hurting me. Philip noticed that the Jap's cock gets hard when he was hurting the girl too. Why is that? If he wants sex, he's got the girl. He glances over at the quietly sobbing, still bound girl. Sparrow thinks back to the strange 'lessons' he'd been given by the other girl, Penny. They'd almost seemed like fun at the time, although that thing he had to suck really hurt when they shoved it up his bum. The Jap sat down on the bed and ordered him to kneel in front of him and suck his huge, engorged cock as he refills the pipe and lights it. He inhales carefully, deeply and offers it to the boy, blowing the acrid smoke in his face. Sparrow's tempted to return to that dreamlike space where nothing seems to matter and his thoughts now coming together, still float on the effects of the opium exploring strange spaces, perspectives and insights. He feels a cold reality where his fate may depend on how he handles himself. He refuses the pipe. The ninja raises his eyebrows, "Ah, perhaps I shouldn't dull your senses so you can experience the delights I will offer to the fullest."

Sparrow fearfully sucks and fondles the Jap's genitals with pretended enthusiasm again. When the Jap has finished the pipe he reaches down and began pinching the lad's already swollen nipples more vigorously than before. The Jap urges him to suck deeper and faster, digging his sharp nails into the boy's dusky cones which soon become slippery with oozing blood. The pale boy continues to labour as involuntary spasms from the pain shake his slight body. The Jap becomes extremely excited and just as Sparrow senses he is going to squirt again the Jap roughly shoves him away. The boy stares blankly at his mangled, bleeding nipples. "Now little sparrowboy," the Jap indicates the girl, "I find out more about you."

With words, gestures and stinging slaps Sparrow is made to lie on top of the young frightened girl tied spreadeagled on her back with his head resting on her bruised breasts as if he was going to fuck her. The Jap, leaning over them reaches down and clenches his fist around the boy's delicate testicles, stretching out the tiny sac and applying measured pressure. "Bite!" the Jap demands gesturing. Sparrow doesn't understand and tries sucking on the girl's nipples. The Jap squeezes and a massive overwhelming pain erupts in the boy's groin and floods through his body. The Jap gestures again making his point clear. Sparrow begins nibbling but the pulses of pain do not relent until he frantically bites and chews on the now screaming girl's breasts as the Jap restrains her with his other hand.

For Sparrow the horror of what he's forced to do is almost greater than his own suffering but the painful prodding in his nuts give him no choice. He bites deeply into the swollen flesh, chewing through the dark skin of her aeroles, yanking, tearing bloody strips and gobs of skin and flesh from the convulsing, hysterical girl. The Jap seems very pleased, relaxes his grip and begins fondling Sparrow's slender, just budding penis. He watches the blood smeared and still bleeding boy gnaw through slimy fatty tissue to the flesh beneath. The girl falls into a state of shock, twitching and gasping.

Sparrow survives by believing an untruth, an opium inspired faith that it's all a game, and most of the time he, Philip manages to only observe himself, Sparrow experiencing the pain. When the Jap begins fondling him he knows he should get a hardon, But how, while I'm doing....? Philip ponders. Sparrow steers the game to where his chewing is really sucking, the blood is sweat, and concentrating abstractly on the stimulation in his loins, skilfully applied by the Jap, his pecker stiffens.

The ninja again appears pleased, He orders Sparrow to fuck the limp girl. Sparrow steers the game that way, the sticky sweat feeling like glue, then abruptly the Jap squats on the girl's bloody buxom, his eager veined rod waiting for his tongue and mouth. Sparrow fucks and sucks desperately in his faraway fantasy.

"Very good my little sparrowboy, your response and eagerness please me. But remember, I am always in control." The Jap begins spanking the boy's round labouring ass in time with the sex. Almost trancelike he continues as if hovering on the brink of orgasm, indulging, savouring the sensation. Sparrow's buttocks redden, purplish blotches appear. Suddenly the Jap stops, grabs Sparrow's hair and with much of his strength yanks his head down all the way. Sparrow gags, struggles, writhes in desperate agony as the Jap holds him to the hilt of his fleshy sword. The boy goes limp as the Jap's final spasms spew into his narrow throat. Seconds pass before the Jap lifts Sparrow's head off his sated prick, slapping him sharply before the boy begins gasping for breath.

While Sparrow recovers the Jap unties the moaning, twitching girl, spits in her face, "Unworthy, Chink wench." and taking her head he snaps her neck and she falls back. He pushes her body off the bed and flings a bloody sheet over her.

Sparrow watches horrorstruck. I guess I'm next. Only anger and hate rescue him from total despair. "You fucking Jap." he blurts. The Jap does not understand English but he recognizes the intent of the words and becomes enraged. SLAP SLAP He moves as if to kill the boy but stops short.

"Forgive me my little sparrowboy, I cannot snuff you, just like that in a pique of selfish wrath, your death must be a solemn rite to auspiciously launch my great mission." SLAP SLAP The Jap drags the confused lad into the large tiled shower compartment in the bathroom and makes him meticulously lather and rinse, slapping him smartly for alleged lapses. Then without warning the Jap grabs and twists the boy's arm forcing him down to the hard floor and takes the hose attached to a tap and works it into the boy's asshole. Three times Sparrow feels his bowels pumped up until they he thinks they'll burst, he wants to be sick, and three times the Jap, with his foot pressing down, he made to flush violently. The ninja pulls the boy to his feet and leads him back to the big room. Sparrow, staggering from the ordeal, tries to keep his mind focused. I wanna kill that fucking queer.

"Ah, time for entertainment, a little music," the Jap places a cassette in the tape deck by the bed, "and dancing! But of course you don't understand anything I say. Well...." The Jap slips the narrow belt out of Sparrow's crumpled jeans, flicks it menacingly and motioning shouts, "Dance." Strange, jangly sounds of some traditional oriental music resonate from unseen speakers. The Jap snaps the belt loudly across the boy's belly. Sparrow remembers part of Penny's lesson and begins to dance sinuously, then erotically as he interprets it, moving his hips, thrusting out his ass, ruffling his soft genitals. "Faster." demands the Jap lashing out with the belt again searing Sparrow's slender thighs.

Sparrow increases his tempo, I must try harder to please this sick Jap. The hairy man refills the pipe and smokes languorously watching the boy dance. Then he starts lashing out with the belt randomly, stinging and welting the boy's small form as he squirms and thrusts to the sound of the music. Sparrow pushes himself to the brink of exhaustion but the belt keeps landing loudly and painfully on his tormented body. "Faster, faster!" the Jap insists. Finally Sparrow collapses to the floor, gasping for breath and dripping with sweat. "Ah my little Chinaboy, Sparrowkins, you thought you were pretty clever, didn't you?" He lashes Sparrow across the shoulders twice raising more red weals. The boy tries to get up but stumbles and almost passes out.

The ninja laughs smugly, "You are mine sparrowchild. I shall destroy your will.... and impose my own. I will destroy yours with the most exquisite agonies centuries of wisdom have devised. You will want, you will most ardently want to offer yourself, or what you still retain of yourself, for sacrifice on the Venerable Blade which embodies the Spirit of the Society." He removes a long, cruel looking dagger from a sheath. "This is the Venerable Blade of Truth and Purpose passed on from the mists of antiquity, it is the Inspirer and Guide, and the Augurer of Fortune. Through mystical union with the blood of an innocent male child who's surrendered his will to a master, obstacles in the path of enterprize are cleared and success is assured. It is also the...."

"What the fuck are you ranting about you slant eyed sicky?" Sparrow interrupts loudly. The Jap flashes the blade and holds it to the boy's neck just puncturing the skin.

"You don't seem to realize the honour it is to die by this blade, it is not for cowards or hysterical women." He stares into the boy's face.

Philip's fear mounts as the Jap breathing heavily, a cruel expression contorting his face, forces the razor sharp point a bit deeper into his neck. The boy's mind races, searching desperately. Sparrow glares back and screams, "You gonna kill me? Is that what it's all about? You're an ugly twisted slope, a fucking Jap!" And he begins chanting as if some sustaining mantra, "Fuckyoufuckfuckyoufuckyou...." Enraged at the insolence the Jap flicks the blade up opening a small cut. "Fuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyou...." Sparrow continues to taunt as blood trickles down his neck and blossoms on his heaving sweaty chest. Anger, hatred and an eerie objectivity left over from the opium blank out the pain. Shaking with rage the Jap grabs the boy and threatens with the dagger barely managing to control himself. Sensing some hesitation, some weakness Sparrow spits out sarcastically, "Go ahead. DO IT. Be my guest." Suddenly the Jap stares at him perplexed, This is not the way things should be. He shoves the boy away and ponders briefly before with strained patience he confronts the child again.

"Ah my little sparrowboy, I see you do not understand. You do not understand the honour you have been chosen for. You will taste the Venerable Blade in due time." He holds the dagger respectfully in front of Sparrow. "Many men I have killed with this blade, men who have stood in my way, men and boys whose deaths have served my purposes. Some with a quick slice of the throat," he pushes Sparrow's head against the wall, the blade across the gasping windpipe, "Others through the heart," he holds the point to Sparrow's thinly fleshed chest pricking the skin, "and should I seek a slow, more agonizing, more satisfying death...." he traces a line across the boy's quivering belly with the point of the blade.

"Fuck man, if you're gonna do it, DO IT!" Sparrow thrusts his stomach out as if offering it to the blade. "Come on." He mocks the Jap's serious expression and breaks into a maniacal laugh.

"STOP" demands the Jap, "This is not, cannot be a laughing matter." He tries to regain his composure. "I see I have not yet broken your will. But trust me to make it mine."

"Or hara-kiri?" the boy pretends to stab himself in the gut. "You want me to commit hara-kiri?" The Jap recognizes the gesture and the words from his own language; he's outraged by Sparrow's presumptuousness that implies a claim to his own Code of Honour.

"No, no, no." the ninja screams, "That would spoil everything, my mission would be doomed. Your life must be mine to take, my way at the proper time." Suddenly the boy makes a grab for the dagger but the Jap is too quick. He slams the child against the wall and starts slapping him. "I see you still don't understand little Chinaboy." SMACK "You need discipline." SMACK "Humility." SMACK He continues battering the boy until he crumples to the floor, cowering and sobbing. "That's better," the ninja looks pleased, "You are a clever sparrowboy, and spirited too. Worthy of my pleasures.... and the Venerable Blade.." He gently raises the boy's head and looks into his face now blank with resignation. "I see you are now almost ready to receive the Blade, to embrace it.... But a ninja needs his pleasures, pleasures which will ripen you, and help prepare you for your destiny. Come my darling little Sparrowkins." He carefully picks up Sparrow, hugs him affectionately and lays him on a clean bedsheet. He gently cleans the boy's body wiping away the sweat and dried blood with great tenderness. He strokes his hair, massages his neck and kisses his cheeks. He coos in his ear, "I have become fond of you my little Sparrowkins, that in itself is a fortuitous omen for my mission. Of the many boys, beautiful boys, lively animated and personable boys I have mated with the Venerable Blade you, my dear Sparrow, will perhaps enrich my memory more than any."

Sparrow feels there's no hope, his body aches from the beatings he's absorbed. Most movements are painful and he's exhausted, defeated physically and emotionally. He tries to imagine he's in a hospital, being helped but when he opens his eyes the ugly bristly Jap is slobbering over him like loverboy. He can only let whatever happen to him, and rest. The Jap's hand begins working its way down Sparrow's body. The boy feels fingertips swirling over his chest, and his sore mangled nipples lightly tweaked sending a radiating wave of tingling pain through his body and down to his groin. He feels the fingers more vigorously massage down his belly ignoring his minor bruises which glow with pain again, down his thighs over the ridges of raw welts to his feet where his toes are firmly kneaded. What the fuck is the Jap up to now? More sex? Sparrow speculates to himself and just lies there as Philip observes him. Gradually the fingers work up the insides of his legs to his sprouting but still hairless genitals. Fingers reach under his delicate balls and enter his asshole. Fingers grasp his cock and play. Philip abstracts the sensations Sparrow feels and places them in a corny boys' daydream: Philip has finally got up the courage to visit that big black lady down the street who likes to play with little white boys, and she's for real. She strokes his shaft rolling his foreskin between her fingers. And pulls the skin back, a ring of tightness girding his swelling prick. Fingertips trace the contours of his now rigid rod. The big black lady is complimenting him he imagines. "Amazing, my marvellous sparrowboy, you would have been a man of boundless appetites like me." The big black lady begins fingering his asshole again. Now one of those things I had to suck, she's shoving it in me. It hurts, it hurts awfully, but he had so many hurts, and just accepts it.

The Jap's in a gentle mood. He rocks back and forth in the warm, clinging orifice he's saved for his more leisurely pleasures. Such an easy entry without any protest from the child! "Your will is now mine Sparrow. You are part of me and I am within you, I am your will. And when I honour you with the Venerable Blade, my will shall be released to higher planes with your blood."

The big black lady babbles on pompously, but unintelligibly, and that huge thing in his ass is pounding, quaking his belly. But the caresses, the kisses, the stimulation on his pecker continue. Groove on the rubbing feeling not the pain. Philip advises Sparrow. The boy finds a small pleasure. The Jap rolls him on his side so he can more comfortably pursue his slow building bliss. Sparrow looks down and sees his belly bouncing from the thrusting rod inside and half curiously reached down to feel it working beneath his flesh. Maybe still, if I make him superhappy.... Sparrow starts rubbing his own belly vigorously, massaging the thing ramming, pounding inside him.

The ninja is caught off guard, squeals as the unplanned orgasm surges through his loins, and then bellows in rage, "Dogchild!" SMACK "You do not steal control from me." SMACK "I will teach you," SMACK "I am the one who controls. SMACK With his rage reduced to the righteousness of a schoolmaster he adds, "I shall teach you discipline... humility... and absolute obedience." The Jap brings out some lengths of fine, dark blue silk cord and ties Sparrow's thumbs together behind his back, with another length he binds his big toes together. With the latter he's hung upsidedown, face to the wall from a hook in the bathroom. The ninja examines the outward facing soles of the boy's feet, tender city boy's feet, and takes a the heavy belt from his case. He pulls the thumb cord down, stepping on the end, applying painful pressure to the shoulder joints. Doubling over the belt the ninja begins strapping the sensitive soles of the boy's feet, his muscular body labouring with most of its strength. "Discipline." the Jap bellows.

Pain, agony and exhaustion overwhelm Sparrow/Philip who's reduced to one suffering, despairing, passive entity. The game is over, there'll be no more observing and second hand abstracted sensations. Philip can no longer feel anger, or any emotion of action, only hate, determined hate. Hate hate hate, it's never too late for hate hate hate.... He withdraws in mindset mantra. The boy breaks down completely writhing, screaming, froth bubbling from his lips. He doesn't know how long the beating lasts.

Next he's on the floor, thumbs still bound and feet afire from their beating. The Jap kneels over him his giant cock flopping inches from his mouth and shouts, "Humility, my sparrowchild, humility." and he starts peeing splashing his face. Sparrow instinctively jerks his head away. SLAP "Open you mouth." He quickly realizes that he must swallow the urine, and he does, generous quantities of it. The ninja glances at the boy kindly again, "But for your language problem I would have you thank me for the gift I have just honoured you with."

"And obedience, absolute obedience." The Ninja takes out the Venerable Blade again and motions the bound boy to squat in front of him. He grasps the boy's perfect, just pubescent penis, pulls the long loose foreskin taut, wraps the end of it up under the blade's keen edge and commands, "Rise." Sparrow hesitates but knows what the Jap wants. "Rise." he repeats and when the boy does not obey the Jap grabs and squeezes the boys little beans until he collapses howling. It takes a minute before they are ready again. "Rise." Sparrow tries, straining against the skin holding him down. The muscles of his thighs and stomach stand out clearly as he blindly struggles up and the blade slices through his skin, circumcizing him. With a jerk the boy is standing, blank faced, blood dripping and splattering on his feet as the ninja steadies him. He holds the severed flesh to the trembling boy's lips, "Eat." The command is obvious and Sparrow quickly swallows. The ninja stands back elated, beaming at the pathetic child. "I won't delay you much longer my sweet little sparrowchild. My lusts are all but sated, my mind is at the threshold of the serenity required for the most solemn and serious of all rites."

Sparrow sucks the ninja's cock as best he can with his thumbs still bound behind him, and soon the Jap has him on his lap impaled from behind. The boy looks down at the oozing blood getting smeared all over his belly and legs as the ninja fucks, cuddles and kisses him. "Ah my dearest Sparrowkins, my Code of Honour would not permit me to love you, were you to live. My loyalties cannot be divided. It is rare that a ninja is allowed even the few precious moments I've had with you." He humps away in the boy's now also bleeding ass and licks the child's ears affectionately. When he comes to his leisurely conclusion he looks about with radiant serenity, not a hint of tension on his expression. He picks Sparrow up and hangs him by his thumbs on the bathroom hook bringing renewed agony to shoulder joints as well as excruciating pain to his thumbs. As he waits for the huge tub to fill he hoses Sparrow off with cold water. He pours the chilling water over his head and chest, he makes sure it cools his back and he keeps it up until the boy is shivering, teeth chattering, and between the welts and bruises goosepimples appear. It seems like an hour to the shivering boy before the ninja, often humming and singing to himself, completes his ablutions.

The ninja reappears in a long gold trimmed deep blue ceremonial robe. He lifts the pain wracked and still bleeding boy off the hook, carries him back to the big room where he ties his thumbs to a door knob and makes him awkwardly kneel. In front of him Sparrow sees an ornate geometrically patterned carpet spread out with incense burners at the four corners and the Venerable Blade resting on a low antique lacquered stand inches in front of him. The ninja crouches behind it, head bowed and murmuring some mantra or prayer. He looks up, "Sparrow, I have solemnly proclaimed your readiness to the Venerable Blade Spirit. I can feel my will in you awaiting to be liberated by your life's blood. Never before have I felt so confident on the brink of cosmic consummation. I know you want, fervently want to mate with the blade, don't you?" Sparrow is just becoming aware of his environment and has no idea what the Jap is saying, and doesn't care. He just hates him with all the will he can command. He tries shifting himself and breathing more deeply. "Pity you don't speak the language but I can see it in your eyes. I can feel my will in you. And you feel deeply honoured to have been chosen." The ninja takes the blade from its stand and holds it reverently in front of Sparrow. "With this you will receive my final gift to you." Again he traces a line across the boy's belly. "You may even in your last few seconds of consciousness, as a few fortunate boys have, see me retrieve your liver and eat it - your last gift to me." The ninja replaces the blade and meditates, looking completely at peace.

Hate hate hate, it's never too late for hate hate hate.... Sparrow notices the Jap's lips just perceptibly moving and tries to move his own but he can make no sound. Hate hate hate hate, it's never too late. Gradually Sparrow's voice becomes audible. The ninja raises his head, looks steadfastly forward and takes the Venerable Blade and holds it in front of him. "Hate hate hate, it's never too late for hate hate hate hate...."

"Some quaint Christian prayer you learnt as a small child? Some meditation? It does not matter." The ninja takes his stance with the blade drawn back.

"IT'S NEVER TOO LATE FOR HATE." Sparrow spits and sputum sprays on the Venerable Blade and the ninja's clean hands.

"NO. NO. You can't!"


Enraged, and desperate the ninja goes to thrust the blade into the helpless boy's belly, but he can't. This is the most solemn of occasions. He has been trained to control his own feelings but he feels anger burning fiercely in him. He sees the boy grinning diabolically at him. He tries to meditate but anger prevents him. He cannot achieve the necessary state of serenity to control his will once he has liberated it from the boy. His mission is doomed. There is only one honourable course of action remaining. He takes the blade, and with the classical movements of sepuku, thrusts it in his own gut.

Ah Ma has young Philip drugged, he really knows very few incriminating facts, and dropped off near the emergency entrance of an uptown