End of original BOYABUSE Stories – charges also included an unfinished version of Stand By America.


Ricky, the school's prime sissy, is in a state of total confusion as he leaves the oak panelled office of Mother Superior at St. Joseph's Academy. He has very recently, and quite literally, had the piss beaten out of him with the school strap wielded by the Building Superintendent. And the shock and still painful throbbing soreness of that has been overlaid by a very stern reprimand by Mother Therese where he'd cried again, stood contritely head bowed and shamed, and promised to be good and not cheat in the future. But, he did make it through the strapping to the amazement of all. The alternative was expulsion, and dealing with his macho minded father who is also the school's most generous benefactor and chairman of the board of directors. And all this on the day before his thirteenth birthday.

Ricky is of course relieved it's over but wants nothing more than to slink away by himself. He barely thinks about the strange way that Leo, one of the slightly older boys who hang around the superintendent's office, had helped him take his strapping and even took two of his strokes to give him courage. Ricky pulls his toque down over his red curls and wraps his scarf around his tear streaked freckled cheeks as he enters the frosty schoolyard. He hopes no one sees him but Ronny, an athletic youngster about his own age, comes over to him

RONNY: Hi Rick. I hear you just got eight.

RICKY: (mumbling) Yeah, well, uh.

RONNY: A lot of guys figured you'd chicken out and get expelled.

RICKY: Yeah, well....

RONNY: You ever thought of trying out for the volleyball team?

RICKY: No. Well

On the way to the bus stop, (Ricky could easily afford a taxi but that would be more embarrassing) he meets Leo who may have waited for him.

LEO: So you made it through the mother's lecture too.

RICKY: (looking bright for the first time) Yeah. An' thanks for helping me.

LEO: Whatever. And I bet she told you how lucky you are.

RICKY: Yeah.... I'm still awful sore though.

LEO: You're supposed to be. Me too a bit (he smacks his own behind) OUCH!

Ricky grins, his eyes are full of admiration and more for his new friend. He's glad to tag along as they walk. Leo pretends to see something on the ground and points.

LEO: Look, somebody's ring.

RICKY: Where? (he stoops to look)

Leo makes a show of going to smack his bum but deliberately misses. Ricky jumps and lets out a gasp.

LEO: Just Kidding.

Leo playfully punches the other boy's shoulder and keeps tapping away until he responds in kind. Soon Ricky's cheered. At the bus stop Ricky has to recount his strapping, somewhat exaggerating his own courage, to some suitably impressed boys. Leo unobtrusively feels his own welts. When the bus arrives Ricky asks Leo privately:

RICKY: Can I sit with you?

LEO: Sure. (they board the bus) Glad you got the strap?

RICKY: Well, uh....

Ricky sought out and tagged after Leo in the following days and weeks becoming one of the regulars around the superintendent's office. At times his adulation became embarrassing to the older boy who made him cool it a couple of times. But they became friends, were often seen around town together and Ricky basked in the new respect and popularity his strapping had brought him.

One magnificently sunny but brisk Friday school is let out at noon for some special staff conference. Ricky drifts over to the superintendent's office where he joins others in boyish boasting about the beatings they've had. After he leaves with Leo to catch the bus.

LEO: You can sure string a line of bull.

RICKY: What d'yuh mean?

LEO: Like telling guys that getting the strap was no big deal. Remember? And you only . got six.

RICKY: Well....

LEO: I bet it still scares you shitless, a couple of taps and you'd be bawling your wimpy little head off.

RICKY: No I wouldn't, not any more. Even if I got eight smacks I bet I wouldn't cry.

LEO: Prove it!

RICKY: What d'yuh mean? I don't want to get in any more trouble, they'd expel me for sure. And my dad'd really freak out on me.

LEO: You don't have to get into trouble. Like I'll give you four smacks, or even eight, and we'll see if you cry or not.

RICKY: You serious? What for?

LEO: Just to see. And I'll let you smack me the same, maybe more.

RICKY: Well uh....

LEO: Chicken!

RICKY: But where'd we do it?

LEO: Follow me.

Leo leads Ricky over the frozen ground behind the school, across a small coulee where the drifts of powder snow are blinding in the noonday sun, through stunted poplar groves with black ridged yellow bark to an abandoned farmstead close to a frozen stream. The house is in shambles, roof collapsed, but nearby an old shed is still intact. They enter it. A crude cluttered workbench lines one side, a low sturdy plank table surrounded by discarded chairs stands near the door and a pile of straw with blankets is in the far corner. HUSTLER centrefolds, muscle mag photos and an old buggy whip decorate the walls. The sun beaming through the webby windowpanes has made it comfortably warm inside and the boys soon take off their bulky overshoes, coats and sweaters. Leo shows the curious youngster around.

LEO: It's our secret clubhouse. Only a few guys like Allan, Lenny, MacZoid and a couple of others know about it. We have "conferences" here and sometimes . . . sleepover.

RICKY: It's sure a neat place.

LEO: But you gotta promise not to tell anyone about it, ever!

LEO: Or about what we're doing here. Now get ready.

Leo shows Ricky the strap he's made from an old harness. It has maybe half the heft of the lethal school instrument but is nevertheless potent. Leo gets the younger boy to remove his shoes and trousers but he balks when it comes to his longjohns.

RICKY: Can't I just let down the flap? Like it's not fair if you're all dressed.

LEO: Whatever, but I'm stripping.

Leo removes his school jacket and shirt revealing a torn black KISS T-shirt clinging to his well formed torso. He slides his pants and underwear down his creamy legs, his rigid little hardon slapping his soft belly and pubes which are graced by a sparse scattering of short dark hairlets. Ricky stares in fascination as he pulls the longjohns off his skinny, lightly freckled legs leaving only his loose white dress shirt.

RICKY: Hey, how come you got a hardon, again?

LEO: So what? It just happens.

RICKY: But that means sex.

LEO: So? .... And besides, I figure it's better with a boner.

Leo casually reaches over and gently plays with the bewildered Ricky's diminutive organ, it quickly stiffens and a tiny, perfect pink glans emerges glistening from its delicate hood.

LEO: There, you're ready. Now get on the table.

Leo has his young red haired friend crouch on the plank top, his small, thinly fleshed buttocks displayed. Ricky looks around as Leo, prick proud and grinning, grabs a two by four off the workbench.

RICKY: (scared) Hey, you can't use that, it'd kill me.

LEO: The dead feel no pain .... just kidding.

Leo picks up the strap and Ricky nervously resumes his position. The sleek KISS clad lad poses selfconciously for a moment, makes a show of slashing the air with the strap and goes into an elaborate grand windup, his most maniacal expression on his face. Ricky freaks, rolling off the table.


RICKY: I'm sorry, I won't do it again.

LEO: Maybe we should make sure.


Leo immediately produces a large bundle of telephone company zap straps from under the bench. Ricky looks up apprehensively, trembling.

LEO: D'you trust me?

RICKY: I, uh, guess so.

Leo is also trembling, but with excitement not fear, as he binds the small boy's wrists to ankles, ankles to ankles, securing them through the planks. Then he stretches the knees wide apart with more of the versatile zap straps and one around Ricky's fragile neck holds his head uncomfortably to the top. Leo pulls his friends white shirt up around his neck exposing his thin ridged back.

LEO: Just making sure.

RICKY: But they hurt.

LEO: Wait til the real fun begins.

RICKY: (shaking) Only four smacks, like you said.

LEO: Unless you want more. (he swings back the strap and stops) Where's your boner? . (he runs a fingertip up his slender arching tool)

RICKY: I can't, not with my hands tied.

Leo reaches between the spread thighs of the hairless boy in bondage and ruffles and strokes with just his fingertips until he's squirming. Leo stands back, fondles himself briefly, winds up and smacks Ricky's ass as hard as he can. And watching his friend's reaction, only momentary wincing, he strikes again and again. The rosy blurs are not impressive, he strikes again.

RICKY: See. I told you I wouldn't cry. Now untie me .... please.

LEO: Sure you don't want to try for six? or even eight? Like you owe me a couple of . . wowsers from first time.

RICKY: Well, uh,.... You promise to untie me right away? (Leo nods) Well, eight, that's four more.

It takes Leo longer to stiffen Ricky's puny prick, then he strokes his own lightly with the strap before he swings, connecting loudly. And again and he can tell that the strapping is getting to his friend, he can't handle much more. Grit wins out though Ricky's bottom blushes brightly.

RICKY: (holding back his tears) Now untie me like you promised.

Leo cuts him free. Ricky rubs his wrists neck and ankles, stretches and peers around to examine his glowing posterior.

LEO: You did OK, like I was really trying.

RICKY: Well it's your turn now, an' I get to tie you up too.

Leo quivering with excitement pulls up his T-shirt and crouches on the table. Ricky eagerly ties up his handsome willing friend using over twenty zap straps, often bracing himself to pull them tight, before he's satisfied crisscrossing the pale opalescent skin with grooves. Leo retains his bravado.

LEO: (pompously) Give me twelve of your best.

Ricky picks up the strap and very lightly taps Leo's begging bottom a couple of times experimenting with the idea. He pauses thoughtfully, goes over to a sawhorse and starts batting it, knocking it over after a few blows.

LEO: Hey! What're you doing?

RICKY: Practising.

Becoming more confident and enthusiastic he swats away at the end of the bench for almost a minute before coming back to his impatient partner. His first blow is carefully accurate but not very hard.

LEO: You can do better than that, like give me a real wowser.

RICKY: OK. (he spies the buggy whip, takes it down and flails the air) I got something better.

LEO: That's just a decoration.

RICKY: But it still works.

LEO: (apprehensive) It's for horses, look at it, it'd shred you.

RICKY: Just one? .... A real WOWSER? (Leo gulps, looking worried) Just kidding, like you.

Ricky, mustering all his strength and skill, lays the strap on heavily hoping to make it hurt better. Leo's determined expression encourages him. Soon, momentarily before each stroke his tiny pecker tenses hard. After eight he's sweating stops, and takes his shirt off.

LEO: Hey Rick, can you harden me up a bit?

The freckled youngster's own prick springs hard instantly, he squats where he can get a good view, and with intense curiosity begins to play with his friend's already restiffened rod. After an energetic stint he stops.

RICKY: That should do you (he checks the rosy results) It almost looks pretty.

Ricky returns to his labour, the pale zap strapped lad grimacing with each blow. The final five (Leo insists on an "extra" to prove some point) leave his ass brightly welted but less than six of the superintendents had. Leo tries to be nonchalant but trembles as Ricky cuts him loose. He's had enough.

Leo stretches and feels his tender ass briefly then gets a large O Henry bar out of his overcoat. The two friends munch away sprawled on blankets on the straw, sunbeams warming them. Leo stares at his young friend licking chocolate off his fingers becoming erect again.

LEO: I know what's fun. (Ricky looks at him open eyed) You ever circle jerked?

RICKY: I only heard.

LEO: D'you want to?

Leo turns himself towards his naked buddy, strokes his own puescing prick and makes expressions of ecstasy. Ricky stares at the bigger, blue veined member and almost casually starts to fondle his tiny twig.

RICKY: It feels funny after a while.

LEO: It's supposed to, wait til you're older.... And now we make it a circle jerk.

Leo reaches over, grasps the tiny twig and moves the foreskin back and forth so that the pretty pink tip winks at him. Ricky distracted by his own sensations tries to reciprocate but as his partner becomes more vigorous he is overwhelmed and pushes his hands away. After a moment's recovery Ricky smiles, and with more energy than technique wanks away. He glances up from his fun task, see Leo's eyes glazed, mouth half open and feels his body squirm. Leo blindly caresses Ricky's neck. He comes, spurts, and hugs his boy friend before flopping back.

LEO: That was a wowser.

RICKY: (noticing globs of semen on their thighs) Hey look, jism.

LEO: What did you expect.

RICKY: I just never seen it before. (he takes some between his fingers and examines it)

LEO: Taste it. (he takes a fingerful off Ricky's thigh and sucks) C'est si bon, magnifique!

Ricky shakes his head but takes another sample sniffing it. Then he snuggles in an arm around his friend and Leo pulls a blanket over them as they relax. But not for long. Leo's teasing fingers begin to explore his friend's slender body, tummies are tickled, balls are grabbed, and soon both boys giggling and laughing wrestle strenuously. Ricky gets a tenacious headlock which takes all of Leo's greater strength to break and finally with both boys breathing hard Leo scissor grips the other's head and holds his ankles back behind his ass. Leo rests but does not relax his holds as the youngster struggles and claws at him an inch short of his balls.

LEO: Careful, or I'll.... (he gently bites and nibbles on the dainty genitals staring in his face. Ricky's twig responds again) You like, eh?

RICKY: As long as I don't have to do the same to you.

Leo starts to suck with slurpy sounds faster and faster. Ricky tries to hold on as his sensations build up, his face contorts, his fingers dig into his friend's flesh and finally he tries to wrench himself free. But Leo holds him down a few seconds more til he squeals, letting go.

LEO: Shot a blank, eh?

RICKY: Well it was more'n I ever felt before.

LEO: wanna do me?

RICKY: No, but I'll jerk yuh if you want.

Ricky rather mechanically and disinterestedly jacks his horny friend again and curiously tastes from the small dribble produced. Leo knows a shortcut down a gully and twenty minutes later Ricky phones for a taxi from a gas station on the highway.

The following Friday Leo is invited for dinner at Ricky's house, one of the few real mansions in town. When he leaves for school in the morning Leo's status conscious mother insists that he take a clean white shirt and fresh socks to change into later. After classes Ricky orders a taxi to take them to his place. Amanda, the pretty Filipina servant girl greets them in the kitchen and helps Leo out of his bulky winter coat eyeing him interestedly. Leo's briefly introduced to Clive and Marta, Ricky's parents before his friend takes him on a tour of the house. As one used to living in a cramped apartment with a shared bathroom Leo is awed by the space and luxury as he sees the billiard room with its big leather chairs and well stocked bar, and most of all by the aquatic room with its sauna, gym equipment and indoor pool. Finally Ricky shows the impressed boy his own, customer decorated, ensuite bedroom and nearby playroom where they stop and relax on a sofa.

RICKY: This is where I keep my old stuff I don't use anymore.

LEO: You sure got a lot.

RICKY: I give away most of it but Mom makes me keep a lot just in cases she has another kid. Like look at this.. (he dumps out a drawerful of old clothes and picks up a dark blue suit jacket) I wore this once, to a wedding a couple of years ago. And these I never wore. (he pulls a pair of black ski pants over his head and pretends he's a seal.)

LEO: (spying a red T-shirt) That's neat.

RICKY: Take it, it's yours.

Leo can't quite get into the T-shirt so he takes off the shirt he's supposed to change anyway, and with a few tears he forces himself into it and makes a muscle pose. Ricky laughs, signals him to hold and grabs a Polaroid camera out of a closet. Sixty seconds later they're admiring the automated results. Next Ricky poses with the ski top added to his bottom half, his brief's forming a green band around the seal's middle as Leo uses the camera. Then Leo, pants off, models some cutoffs with an unclosable waist and poses seductively, hand on hip, lips puckered. And so it goes, the boys becoming more imaginative and naughty as their fashion show continues. Little balls dangle below improvised sashes and peckers peek out of 'jamas and raincoats as the camera flashes again and again. Playful gropings are exchanged and soon with rubbery rods they take turns posturing and gesturing lewdly, mooning, masturbating, fingertips in their asses, Then Ricky remembers the automatic timer and they pose together frolicking, fondling and pretending to fuck each other. Suddenly a knock at the door. The boys scramble madly for their clothes and Ricky nervously opens it.

AMANDA: You boys like a snack? I make nice chocolate cake.

Amanda holds out a plate but the boys shake their heads. Then she notices some photos and picks one up: Leo's poised over Ricky's ass. She smiles broadly and looks at more pictures, one hand unconsciously massaging a breast as the embarrassed boys cower.

AMANDA: Ah, you much hornied boys. (she runs a hand up her body) Maybe you like real thing?

Leo blushes, cheeks ass smacked bright, as Amanda puts a friendly arm around him her hand working its way down his front. Leo shudders, tingles everywhere and does not resist as her fingers slide inside his briefs. He feels and acts as if bound by a hundred zap straps. She eagerly then desperately rubs his softening cock. However Providence intervenes when Marta calls her down to the kitchen to help with the vegetables. The boys quickly burn the photos and go play eightball in the billiard room.

At dinner the boys sit across from Ricky's parents.

CLIVE: We're delighted to have one of Richard's friends over for dinner Leo, or is it .. … Leonard?

LEO: I'm a Leo.

MARTA: (amused) And I'm a Sagittarius. (all laugh politely)

RICKY: (to Leo) Remember when you said you'd never heard of Chateaubriand? Well that's what we're having.

MARTA: I sure you'll love it Leo, I cooked it myself. I couldn't trust Amanda, … Filipinos believe in cremating good beef.

At that instant Amanda bursts in wheeling the serving trays.

AMANDA: No offence Mam, but we like meat tender. (glances at Leo)

The boys act their best and try to make polite conversation but Clive and Marta become involved in a discussion over what she should wear to the Charity Ball later in the evening. The boys are restless. Ricky, feigning great interest in what is said, slyly reaches over and feels Leo's crotch. Leo returns the favour and the undertable play becomes more intense.

MARTA: I hope we're not boring you boys with all these silly details? (the boys shake their heads) .... Richard what are you doing.

RICKY: Just itchy Mom.

CLIVE: Boys do start to get itchy down there at a certain age, Marta. (he smiles looking pleased and proud)

They finish eating, the boys are allowed a small sherry each, and just as they are rising the door chimes sound. Amanda answers and returns with a young, crew cut, blond youth in an officer trainee's dress uniform.

CLIVE: Why Bruce! What a surprise. (they hug formally) How's my favourite nephew?

BRUCE: Great, uncle Clive, just great, and you? and aunty Marta? Sorry I didn't let you know I was coming but I didn't know I'd get the furlough until today.

MARTA: You look so smart in your officers' uniform.

BRUCE: I'm not an officer yet, I've only completed basic training.

Ricky comes forward to greet his cousin and Leo is introduced. Bruce clasps Ricky's neck, squeezes it uncomfortably and sarcastically enquires:

BRUCE: Another of your wimpy friends Ricky?

Ricky ignores his cousin, stands by Leo as Clive and his nephew talk.

CLIVE: I'm glad to see you continuing the family military tradition. Someday I hope (he glances at his frail son) Richard will do the same.

BRUCE: You never know.

CLIVE: Anyway, I'd like to stay and entertain you this evening but Marta and I promised the Prestons we'd attend the Charity Ball.

BRUCE: That's OK uncle, I don't have to be back for several days. I'll be only too glad to babysit little Ricky.

Clive and Bruce's conversation returns to the military, the older man once again recounting his experiences in Korea. Ricky and Leo listen quietly across the room. Clive takes out a box of expensive manila cigars and offers one to his nephew.

CLIVE: I'm proud of you young man, few show such dedication to our country these days. People have become soft and complacent. (he leans forward to confide) I wonder about Richard at times. He seems a bit better lately, if you can call volleyball a sport, but I fear I've been far too gentle with the lad, what with all my business interests.... Perhaps in the few days you're here you might inspire him to be a little bit more manly.

BRUCE: I'll do what I can uncle Clive.

CLIVE: Thanks Bruce, and knowing the Prestons we probably shan't be back til after midnight.

Clive and Marta dressed in formal finery leave taking with them Amanda who's been given the night off.

BRUCE: Well little cousin, it's been a while.

RICKY: (apprehensive) You leave me alone.

BRUCE: Becoming rather impertinent, aren't you? (he ruffles Ricky's head roughly and jabs a finger in his belly making him double over.)

LEO: Leave my friend alone.

BRUCE: (approaching Leo) Who do you think you are?

Leo glares at the husky, uniformed youth. Bruce goes to slap his face stopping a hair short. The boy doesn't even blink.

RICKY: (grabbing his friend) Let's go play in my room.

LEO: OK, but I don't care if he IS your cousin.

BRUCE: Hey Leo, isn't it? tell me, did you really think I'd hit you?

LEO: What? I dunno, maybe?

RICKY: (to Leo ) Come on.

BRUCE: Interesting.

The boys go up to Ricky's room and he locks the door putting an arm around Leo.

RICKY: He always pushes me around.

LEO: Sometimes you can't stop them.... But you can show them you can take it. (he shoulder punches Ricky)

Ricky's eyes become curious, light up, and after a couple of jolting punches he hits back a few times before they clinch, and tumble laughing on the bed.

RICKY: You REALLY like me?

LEO: Sort of. (he smiles)

They grapple playfully, wrestling gently releasing their holds teasing as they do. Inevitably they get hardons and fondle each other's. Textile impediments are removed. With mutual bearhugs they bellyfuck each other until Ricky, sated sooner, rolls away. Leo shifts astride his back and pecker probes up between the slender, muscle tightened thighs until he's nudging the clenched bumhole. Ricky peers around.

RICKY: I really like you too.

Leo presses but no magic sliding in occurs, he pushes clumsily painfully penetrating the offered orifice of the youngster willing and pleased to suffer for the friend he loves. But only so much. A flash, and lubricants are reinvented with the unfortunate choice of Jergen's Lotion. Huge amounts are squirted up and Leo slip slides in and out with ease. But the sphincter stinging cream hardly soothes inside and only the prospect of his coming turn on top sustains Ricky through Leo's final flurry.

LEO: A Wowser!

RICKY: I should hope so. (he gingerly feels his burning ass)

Ricky eagerly mounts his dark haired friend's sleek behind, a brief comic episode before he finds the knack. Furious, rabbit rapid bursts are interspersed with rests as Ricky enjoys as much as his sensitive little prick can handle until that funny feeling shivers through all of him.

LEO: Maybe we could find something better, like margarine.

RICKY: Maybe Vaseline?.... Hey Leo, can you stay the night?

Leo uses Ricky's extension phone and gets permission from Mom.

The boys lazily shower, a little lathering play not much, before on some macho dare they both brave the water full force cold. Leo asks if they can use the pool and grabbing towels they run down the stairs, past the billiard room where Bruce is practising shots and plunge into the placid steaming pool. Thrashing, splashing, out and cannonballing in again, the noisy exuberant horseplay of happy boys. Bruce enters, watching quietly by the door a pool cue in his hand.

BRUCE: Can I join you guys?

The boys stop, sudden silence in the echoing room.

RICKY: I guess so.

BRUCE: (removing his jacket) Sorry about earlier, It's just.

RICKY: Yeah I know, you and Dad think I'm a really wimpy kid.

BRUCE: Nothing that basic training couldn't cure.

RICKY: You mean all that marching and stuff.

BRUCE: Did you ever see "An Officer and a Gentlemen or ..."

RICKY: Like when they make guys do all these things and then put them through all sorts of shit.

BRUCE: Well not quite. (the boys seem curious) AttenSHUN:

First Leo, then Ricky approximate standing at attention. Bruce inspects them correcting their posture with the pool cue.

BRUCE: Chest out more, (he taps Leo's back) and keep your chin in.... Left TURN. Forward MARCH.

The naked boys parade around the pool, trying to look serious as Bruce taps out the beat on his palm: "left. left. left, right, left...."


The boys awkwardly comply losing step and Leo smirking. They march and turn, and march around and around, Bruce correcting their worst mistakes with reprimands and appropriately placed taps of the cue. Leo's expression suggests he's enjoying the game.

LEO: Hey Bruce, why don't you put on your uniform.

BRUCE: (glaring) SIR, young man.

LEO: Sir, please sir.

Bruce returns in full dress carrying his uncle's swagger stick, pushes back his pillbox cap and orders the boys to "AttenSHUN" Strenuous callisthenics follow with backs, legs and tummies tapped to help them improve their form. Running on the spot, "Knees higher" Smack, smack. More marching. Slow stretching exercises with the swagger stick moulding their movements. And when Leo bending over to palm his hands lets one knee bend Bruce lightly swats his ass. Leo straightens, pecker rising and tries again, failing. SMACK. SMACK. He makes it but his unwanted erection is the focus of stares.

RICKY: (tactfully) Let's do some more things.

BRUCE: (Touching the stick to Leo's boner) Exercise'll cure that. AttenSHUN. Right FACE. Forward MARCH. On the double now.

Bruce pushes the boys until they're exhausted using the occasional swat. Then he works them with the bars and weights of Clive's workout equipment. The boys struggle, muscles straining, with slaps of the swagger stick encouraging their efforts. The climbing ropes are let down from the ceiling and Leo, swinging from side to side easily makes it to the top. But Ricky soon has difficulty, straining for inches. Bruce gives his protruding butt a measured smack, and then a harder one. Ricky grits his face and tries, a few inches more but then slips back the same.

RICKY: I can't, I can't.

SMACK, SMACK, Bruce tests his cousin who struggles to climb. Smack, and harder still, SMACK. He's made almost a foot. SMACK, SMACK again. Almost a foot and half.

BRUCE: You CAN.... Now shower off man.

The chocolate cake is quickly consumed, Ricky scavenges the refrigerator: some Boursault cheese and yesterday's canned truffles with crackers from the pantry. Bruce lets the boys share a Foster's while he downs two. A camaraderie warms the evening but with Ricky starting to doze the boys head upstairs. As Bruce will have the guest room next to his, Ricky puts blankets on the playroom sofa for Leo.

RICKY: See you later.

And sure enough, a few minutes after Ricky switches off his light he sneaks back into the playroom and Leo's tactile welcome on the sofa. They squirm against each other, fingers teasing, reaching down. When they're ready for more serious action Ricky produces a tube of K-Y.

RICKY: I think Mom and Dad use it sometimes.

Ricky squeezes great gobs on Leo's rod, slathers it around his loose ball sac and admiringly over his just sprouting hairs. This time Ricky finds it almost "nice" as Leo pokes his prick in and wiggles it around. Leo less excited this time experiments, tries for technique and brings some of his natural gracefulness into the act as he thrusts and thrusts. He's getting ready for the finale when footsteps are heard in the hall. They stop and listen. A light knock.

BRUCE: (loud whisper) Leo?

LEO: Yeah? (he rustles the covers as Ricky hides behind the sofa)

BRUCE: Can I talk to you?

Leo shrugs from the shadows and Bruce, wearing a loose dressing gown enters turning on the lights and sits on an end table. He's had a few more Foster's. He spots the squeezed tube of K-Y.

BRUCE: Jacking off eh? (he yanks down Leo's covers seeing his whole groin glistening with . the gel.) You must sure go at it.

LEO: So? (he pulls the covers up)

BRUCE: Well, (he crosses his legs but not before Leo sees he's got an erection) I mean . everybody does it sometimes. Like go ahead, don't let me stop you.(beneath the

covers Leo's rod stiffens again, is covered by a hand, Bruce noticing) Like I won't

touch you.

Leo simply stares at Bruce clasping his rigid cock, a knowing smile in his face.

BRUCE: Why even I do it sometimes.

Having said this Bruce allows his straining, vein ridged bone to spring up from between his thighs and his gown falls open on the curly almost Ricky red bush climbing up his stomach. He touches his enormous prick trying to appear casual but trembling. Seeing Leo intently watching he begins to masturbate. Leo modestly rubs himself beneath the covers.

BRUCE: Come on, You got to do it in the open like me.

Bruce again snatches the cover off Leo who vainly strives to get it back. Bruce flings the angry boy down on the sofa.



Bruce makes a grab for the boy's cock but Leo deftly twists away accidentally kicking Bruce's bushy groin.

BRUCE: OW, oh, (face grimacing in pain, clutching his balls) I'll get you.

The blond youth soon has Leo helplessly pinned and starts to roughly rub his rod as Leo struggles and swears. Ricky springs from behind the sofa and pounds on Bruce's back.

RICKY: Leave my friend alone.

All action stops. The colour drains from Bruce's face. He knows he's gone too far.

BRUCE: I'm sorry, REALLY sorry, please don't tell your dad.

RICKY: (realizing his advantage) OK, but you're a bit of a wimp yourself. (he imitates

Bruce clutching his balls.

LEO: Yeah, you can sure dish it out.... but.

BRUCE: I can take it too.

RICKY: Hmmm.... We'll see. Go get the swagger stick.

The boys make Bruce bend over the sofa, they giggle and taunt him sarcastically as they take turns slamming the swagger stick into the big boy's hairy butt. Bruce's honour: "I can take it too", leaves him with limited choices as the boys beat him with all their strength. They continue til his bottom's well bruised and bluing before they stop and let him leave.

Ricky and Leo are too tired to start bumfucking again, they wiggle and cuddle on the sofa exploring each other's noses, necks and nipples quietly before Ricky yawning gets up to leave. His parents are just home and through the open door they hear:

CLIVE: Ah Bruce, you're still up. I hope Ricky didn't give any trouble.