End of original BOYABUSE Stories – charges also included an unfinished version of Stand By America.

Sado: Desire and Negotiation

The younger boys on the stroll know that Sado is usually good for a rock, or rather the money for one, but it could cost them a sore ass. But that is a price many are willing to pay to get high. Many, if not most of the boys in boystown tend to get strung out what with weekend binges and the generous dates who like to share a few blasts claiming it makes the sex better. Quite a few find themselves jonesing in between and some don't mind a few bruises if that's what it takes to score. Sado believes it's better all round for the boys to get money from having their asses whipped rather than raising the same amount through a fence. Indeed, he muses that something which looks very much like corporal punishment is effectively reducing crime.

Sado likes to think of his spankings as giving what he calls the gift of pain, he likes to see boys take a licking, to see how they handle it and what they can take without wimping out. It turns him on royally. He knows he's a sadist, that's what he was dealt he figures, and he tries to make the best of it. It's not that he's cruel, he never taunts or humiliates boys beyond a few mindful teases, and he treats them with respect and affection if not generosity. And sometimes he wonders if his sadism isn't a gift, a special talent like those of great musicians, to be shared with others. Being a sadist is not quite a calling, but he tries to be a skillful, considerate and responsible sadist. But he is demanding, and any boy who transgresses his law or who wimps out is unlikely to be welcome back. But a spanking, ten hard smacks with a strap, even if it hurts like hell and leaves marks for a few days, is nothing when you need a rock. However not all of the young crackies are interested, or at least for a second time.

Sado knows that many of the boys are messed up, and that somehow being a cracky or junky makes it easier for them to get by. It is sad, but what can he do? He tries to avoid being a social worker, he knows them too well from his own youth, but he cares. Boys should, he believes, get what they can out of the system, but not let themselves get ensnared in it. He knows that being strung out doesn't mean that the boys are any less astute in their assessment of the world, they just don't care as much. And he knows that if you care about a boy and want to help him, the last thing you should do is deny him his drugs. That may come later. Addicts don't quit, we should know that by now, but a person whose got something going for themselves can often increase their control over their habit. The ideal as always, is to integrate your drugs into rituals and occasions within structuring communities. An alcoholic who drinks moderately is a hell of a lot better off than one who never has a drop.

Sado has this big space over a warehouse a few blocks from the stroll, it's like one of those trendy artists' lofts, only it's not, it's part of a pita factory where the owner used to live, and have his offices and storeroom. Using cheap materials from his job and clever design he has created an eclectic and impressive pad for entertaining. With what he makes as head window dresser at Spencer's Department store he could easily afford one of those new harbourfront condos, but he relishes the freedom his place provides. He can make as much noise as he likes and from time to time he holds big parties for the boys he knows and selected adult friends. Few turn down invitations.

He also chooses to live below his means which leaves him with free cash to spend. Most of it goes for boys. Sado often cruises the stroll on his way home from work and stops for coffee and maybe pizza at Molly's where the boys of boystown hang out when things are slow, wet, or they're meeting a date. He knows most of them, and two or three times a week he invites one home for some carnal or other pleasures. He likes his boys young, the top of the teens, not too hairy and with nice dicks. Ordinary boys, no femmes, pretty boys or even fancy dressers. He likes street kids with attitude. Call it rough trade. He likes partying with them, he likes treating them, fucking them, sucking them and spanking them, and mostly they like him. He's not particularly generous but he'll always try to help a kid in need. Few take advantage of him as he's a big solid looking man skilled in martial arts. Only a naive boy would try to rip him off. But then most of the boys are into crack, at least at times, and sometimes a few tokes is what they want most. Sado's not into hard drugs, especially crack, and he won't allow needles in his place. He's long since given up moralizing on the subject. In his younger days he found himself getting too fond of smack and quit. Sado avoids boys who are strung out all the time, they're not as much fun to fuck or suck, and they usually want to go and score right away while he likes them to hang around for a while after to socialize and get to know them. If they're tweaking, he won't deal with them period. But some of these boys in their mid late horny teens are just the kind that Sado most likes physically and their ten dollar blow jobs are a bargain although they're still ten dollar blow jobs.

Sado, whose real name is Walter Rodosevic, and who claims a Serbian duke as an ancestor, acquired his moniker after one quiet Tuesday when he met this new boy in front of Molly's. He's an ordinary looking, husky blond kid, maybe twenty two, a bit on the old side for him but with a certain naive rustic appeal that Sado likes, and he acted like he was available. He says his name is Bruce and he's from some small prairie town near Moose Jaw, but he's been in town a while and his freshness is fading. He's into relating how much booze he can drink and how much dope he can smoke. He doesn't mention crack. Bruce, which is actually his real name, comes back to Sado's and they have some rather ordinary sex, nothing rough. Sado figures he might be a farm boy seduced by the vices of the city and going along with it and the good times. The sort of thing where one day he's partying on some rich guy's yacht on a cruise to the Island and the next where he's lining up for soup and sandwiches because he's hungry and crashing where he can. Bruce figures, hustling is like getting paid for what I used to give away back home. While he doesn't mind being fucked, like most boys who are into crack he's not a particularly good fuck, and Sado makes a mental note not to bother with him again.

Bruce gets the twenty they'd agreed on, and he leaves to buy two small rocks at the corner. Halfway to the corner and already anticipating the rush, Bruce runs into an old buddy from Moose Jaw. The buddy says he knows where he can get a superdeal, takes his twenty, leaves him waiting outside a small convenience store and disappears.

An hour later, missing his high and wanting some, just one little rock please he tells himself, Bruce buzzes Sado's door. He asks if he can have more money, just even ten, "I lost it. I really need it."

Sado doesn't ask why he needs it. Normally he'd just say no but there's something appealing about the kid's pleading, the kid's not high, and he decides to play with him. "Well, a deal is a deal."

The boy desperately lies, "I know, but there's this guy I gotta give it to. Like he might beat me up if I don't." It's an obvious lie and Sado wonders just how anxious the kid is.

"Well I don't want to fuck you again."

"What about tomorrow then, or the weekend, maybe... Just give me ten now. I'll come back anytime you say."

Sado looks at him, he doesn't want to offend the boy but, "You're not the greatest fuck you know." The kid's more disappointed than insulted, he's desperate, he suggests he do some house cleaning or something but Sado's not interested.

"You mean like in that movie?"

Bruce doesn't get it and finally he blurts, "I'll do anything, anything you like, as long as it's not dangerous."

"Anything?" Sado's imagination runs a lot of things by, but he knows his options are limited. He offers to slip Bruce another five which he knows is only a tease. The boy says he needs twenty or at least ten and pleads,

"Like I'll even rim you if you wash first, like just about anything."

Sado puts his imagination to work on the offer. There is something that tempts him, something he's long fantasized, and he thinks of the ordinary boy's pert and perfect, full mounded ass. "How about a spanking?"

Bruce looks at him uncertainly and asks, "Huh? A spanking? What d'yuh mean?"

"A bare ass spanking."

"How hard a spanking?"

"Hard enough to earn another twenty."

The boy procrastinates, "Well I don't know."

"Let's say twenty spanks, I could use my belt."

The boy glances at his cowhide belt and nods, "As long as you don't use the buckle end."

Sado experiments with the belt on a cushion. It's too floppy and twists. To make it work better he wraps the belt around his hand leaving just over a foot free. The boy is willing, if not eager, and matter of factly removes his briefs and kneels over the end of the big black leather sofa. Sado tells him he doesn't want him making a fuss. "What d'yuh mean?", now Bruce does feel insulted, "My dad beat me with a lot bigger belt than that." Sado begins swatting Bruce's lovely ass getting a very distinctive thrill from his efforts. The slapping stinging blows barely bother Bruce, but his lovely ass is a brilliant red at the end. A couple of minutes later he's drinking a beer and showing no signs of discomfort. And Sado turned on by the scene is ready to fuck him again. But he's still a lousy fuck.

Two days later Bruce comes up to Sado on his way home and wants another date. Sado's not interested in sex but suggests he come over for a spanking date later on. However he's not too satisfied with his belt, it doesn't really do the job as he can't put much strength behind it, he needs something stiffer. He tries to think of something he could use as a paddle and then he remembers this old leather belt he could sacrifice. He cuts off the buckle, doubles it over and glues it together with contact cement and smoothes the business end. It's twice as thick as the other. He smacks his thigh and decides it works quite well.

Bruce is a little apprehensive when he sees the new strap and figures it's worth more than a buck a smack. "Maybe, we'll see." Sado concedes. Bruce's lovely ass shows no signs of its previous abuse and the boy says he couldn't see much the day after. The heavy strap is loudly effective and it really hurts.

"Really." Bruce insists.

Sado likes its heft and it's much more satisfying to use. And when he sees raised red welts form on the boy's pale flesh he realizes it's more than a toy. After five hard smacks Bruce tells him it's too much, it's not worth it. Sado can see that it's bruising and they agree on ten for the same price. Ten is enough for Sado too, he gets his satisfaction. At the end Bruce's struggling to control himself and ugly purpling blotches cover his ass, but again minutes later Bruce is sitting on the sofa without much discomfort enjoying a beer and cigarette. However a couple of days later on the street Bruce tells him that while his ass didn't that hurt much after, the bruises grossed out one of his dates. Sado gives him an extra twenty but decides against spanking him again. But just in case he gets another chance he figures he needs a lighter, less damaging instrument. Next day he buys a thinner belt which doubled over is about two thirds the thickness of the other. It makes a stiff strap with a lot of snap to it.

Somehow word gets around and one evening a week later after screwing Philip, a small and very cute Indian lad of sixteen but looking younger, the boy asks him if he could get another twenty for a spanking. Sado hadn't expected this but Philip is such a sweet child like boy and his pert little bum would be ideal for trying out his new strap. Sado is of course thrilled at the chance. He shows him the strap and explains that he will get ten hard ones across his silky but firm narrow ass. Phil is more curious than scared, and promptly obeys as Sado has him bend over and hold his ankles. The man starts slowly and the diminutive boy bravely endures the sharp stinging blows only taking a brief time out after seven. At the end Phil is holding back his tears and his little ass is glowing red and feels warm. It's such a turn on for Sado that he kisses the boy passionately and pays to fuck him again. Phil's happy and Sado's pleased with his new strap, there's no bruising and the boy feels little pain after. Phil tells him that it was his first real spanking although most kids back home were beaten. He becomes a regular and even brings around a friend for him to spank.

And then the word really gets around. Boys in Molly's and on the street begin greeting him as 'Sado', and two or three a week show up for twenty dollar spankings especially on days when the stroll is slow. It's a spanker's paradise for Sado and over the weeks he gets to strap at least a dozen different boys. A few of the more stung out boys ask for double spankings or show up two days in a row. Sado has to make a firm rule that they take two days off in between. He also finds if he spanks boys first they're usually more fun to screw or blow after. Some he just likes to spank. It's never dull, each boy's reaction is different. Some are stoically silent while they're being beaten, others whimper and plead for him to go easy. A few want to back out. These Sado tries to cajole into finishing their ordeal, they get their twenty anyway but are not welcome back. A couple even like being tied up first. Spanking a spunky boy really sharpens his sexual appetite, and he finds himself fucking some boys he wouldn't have ordinarily. His paradise is expensive and he becomes picky choosing only the ones he finds interesting. Occasionally he gets spanked himself. He likes to know what the boys go through and it does sort of turn him on. But there don't seem to be many who're into it and he has to pay them extra.

Tony is one of several Latino boys around the stroll, a cheerful, sleek skinny kid, maybe sixteen with flashing dark eyes. He's gone through a couple of rich sugardaddies who accustomed him to high living and now he needs to hustle to keep up his lifestyle and feed his intermittent habit. He's a weekender who claims to have a girlfriend he likes to get high with. Like many boys he won't let guys fuck him but he can talk dirty and gives excellent head. Apparently an older brother with AIDS makes him cautious. Now while Sado mostly likes to fuck his boys, Tony's attitude and sense of humour are such that it doesn't matter to him. He is also very responsive, wiggling and squealing, even making jokes while he's sucked, unlike the many 'logs' on the stroll. One day after Tony makes a joke about him never having his ass, Sado, beginning gently and in 'fun', hand spanks him vigorously which he doesn't seem to mind. They both find it arousing. The next time, for a price, Tony lets Sado use his strap on his slender behind and puts on a show of outlandish bravado, commenting on the blows and telling Sado what a fucking weirdo he is. Sado likes his style and the passion of the ensuing sex. But Tony's not into anything heavy although he never seems near his limit. Sado becomes very fond of him and dreams of going further, to see what he could take. But Tony resists being pushed, and after a couple of attempts Sado gives up. He is however Sado's favourite spank.

Then one day Tony brings along his friend Ryan, a big well proportioned blond of about fifteen. Ryan is an old buddy from school and juvey and has just moved back to town. Sado is immediately taken by Ryan's big lively eyes, expressive face and trim, husky build, and is at least momentarily struck. He welcomes the new boy and lays on the hospitality. He's not surprised to hear the boys have a financial problem. They need money, in fact they need a fair amount, a hundred and practically right away. It's some hooker's birthday and there's this big party. Sado expresses his sympathy and figures beautiful blond Ryan must be available. "That's a lot of money." he says without mentioning it's more than double what Tony usually gets. He doubts that the new boy is into to being spanked so he looks at Ryan, threesomes can be fun, and asks, "What's in it for me?"

Tony answers for him, "Ryan's straight, he says he's super straight, but he's not uptight about queers." Ryan's expression seems to confirm his friend's statement. Tony asks knowingly, "But what about if Ryan watches?"

"Including...?" Sado wonders.

"Sure, why not?", Tony has his own reasons. Sado thinks that it would be a turn on, but he would like Ryan as more than a spectator and wonders how straight the new boy really is. He offers Tony seventy which he knows is not enough, just to see what happens. Tony looks at Ryan.

"Sorry man. Don't look at me, I wouldn't let Ricky Martin blow me, not even for a hundred bucks." Sado reminds them that he's not a philanthropist.

Tony whispers in Sado's ear, "Maybe he'll change his mind." He pleads with his eyes but  Sado pretends to be indifferent.

Then Ryan speaks up, "What about if you spank me too?" Sado tries not to appear too eager. "Tony says you really like spanking guys."

"Yeah, I don't mind, it gives me a rush, a high. And sure, I wouldn't mind spanking your butt."

It's a deal. Sado asks Ryan if he'd ever had a real spanking. The boy says he never has, his hippie family didn't believe in it. "But lots of my friends used to get belted, and I always wondered about it."

This is more than Sado has fantasized, a virgin, a curious virgin at that, and such a beautiful boy. "It's on your bare ass you know."

"Tony told me, but as long as you don't touch me I don't mind."

"OK, but it's your ass."

Ryan grins back at him. "It's your money, man."

It's not just the money although Ryan would not admit it. Being spanked is something he has fantasized since he was small when heard a friend being belted by his dad. After his parents were jailed for dealing dope he went through a series of sometimes brutal foster and group homes. He experienced a lot of rough treatment, mostly from bigger boys, but he was never really whipped. He has sought out pain in other ways; he has tattoos from juvey on his shoulders and has played with safety pins and alligator clips. A year ago he fancied himself a punk and had his head shaved and briefly wore a brow piercing.

Tony quickly strips and bends over the end of the leather sofa. Ryan makes himself comfortable in a chair nearby and watches intently while Tony is strapped. "That must hurt." he comments. Tony assures him it does and Sado says that's what it's all about. The new boy is fascinated and aroused.

Tony performs with enthusiasm taking his spanking in style. "Harder, harder, make me cum." he teases and turning to Ryan, "Wait 'til your turn, you'll love it!" After, Tony makes sure his buddy gets a good look at his glowing ass, and when Ryan curiously examines it and feels the ridges he quips, "I never thought you'd be interested in my ass." However when Sado blows the young Latino, taking his time and seeming to savour his skinny prick, Ryan pretends disgust, frequently looking away. Tony pants and squeals more than usual as he cums, and is an eager sucker in turn. Ryan sarcastically compliments Tony on his performance. "It's easy, all you need is a little practice. I'd be happy to teach you sometime." Tony retorts.

After they finish their beers and butt their cigarettes Ryan says, "Let's get it over with.". He takes off his red and blue oversize Montreal Canadiens hockey shirt, modestly pulls down his baggy pants and briefs to his knees and bends over the sofa. He jokes that three dollars a smack must be less than the minimum wage. Sado's thrilled and admires the lovely blond boy's full rounded ass, noticing the fine hairs only visible in the backlight. And such an interesting boy too. He would dearly love to fondle and knead the pale buttocks but... Ryan, impatient, looks at Sado sideways and with apparent nonchalance says. "Let's do it." There's a lot more meat on his ass than Tony's and Sado puts more effort into his blows. Tony eagerly watches cheering him on and praising the livid results. The blows are jarring but Ryan barely moves except once as if adjusting his comfort. He's surprisingly relaxed and it's as if the boy is testing himself. At the end Ryan exclaims, "Man, that was something! That really hurt." He turns to Sado with perhaps some sarcasm, "Did you get off on it?"

Sado looking pleased replies, "Sure did. That was fun, we should do it again sometime."

"Dream on weirdo." Ryan's sass appeals to the man and he compliments him on his brightly impressive ass, the welts show up clearly on his white skin. Ryan modestly pulls up his pants, and gingerly at first walks around the room. He admits that his ass feels “sort of warm”. The boys get their hundred, stay for a quick social beer and leave looking pleased with themselves.

Just over a week later Sado's surprised when Ryan shows up by himself. He invites the boy in and offers him a beer and chips. The boy wants to negotiate a spanking. He's broke and wonders if he could get forty or fifty bucks. "You must be developing an expensive habit."

"No, no." the boy protests, "I haven't done any rock since that party. I need the money for skis, honest."

"You can't get skis for fifty bucks. And besides, you were lucky to get thirty last time, twenty's standard for a spank."

"But you could spank me extra, maybe twenty times. That would be fair."

"Look, I have a policy, no double spankings. Some of these crackies would let you beat them bloody for another rock. There's no pleasure in just beating someone, or someone who's out of it or whines. It's only sport when the boy can take it."

"I wouldn't whine if you gave me twenty. You think I'm a woosie?"

"No, but your ass would be so fucking sore, and you'd have ugly bruises for days."

"No problema." But when the man shakes his head Ryan is dejected, and smokes his cigarette in silence. After a while he says, "Like last time the marks were gone in a couple of days and it wasn't so bad although it hurt a lot more than I thought it would."

"I thought you handled your spanking well."

"I didn't want to give you any satisfaction."

"On the contrary, I like it that way. I smacked you a bit harder than Tony."

"I figured you did. Was that because of no sex?"

"Maybe, but Tony doesn't like it harder, I've tried, and besides, you got more meat on you."

Ryan hesitates before almost blurting, "Actually getting spanked was sort of interesting."

Sado is all ears and encourages the boy to continue. "Like I really needed the money." and adds after another long pause, "And then this girl at the party saw the marks on my ass, I'd completely forgotten, and she figured they were cool. I tried to tell her they were from an accident but then I had to tell her that me and this hooker spanked each other. She thought that was the neatest thing she'd heard in ages, and she wanted me to spank her. I tried, I tried smacking her ass but she kept wanting it harder. She wanted marks like mine." Sado offers his sympathy. "And then when I tell her I don't really want to spank her hard she says I'm not man enough to fuck her, and cuts me out… Somehow I just couldn't get into doing it."

Sado laughs but thinks he understands, "Maybe it's all this violence against women feminist propaganda. Would you spank another guy?"

Ryan's not sure, "But it was neat to watch you spank Tony. It was like when I was a little kid and this friend of mine used to get belted by his dad for all sorts of things. I even spied on them once. He bawled his head off but it didn't seem to bother him much after and he'd be outside having fun a few minutes later.”

"That's interesting, and you found being spanked interesting?"

Ryan sheepishly admits "Sort of."

"You want to be spanked again?"

"Well maybe, but not for twenty bucks."

"We could work something out."

"But no sex, OK?"

"A lot of things can be sexual if you let them." Then he asks, "Would you like to try something different?"

"I dunno, like what?"

"Well if you're really into it, and there are no problems, I'd like to give you a real whipping." The boy hesitates. "You want to see what you can take?"

"You mean…?"

"Yeah, like explore your limits."

Ryan trembles with excitement, "You won't hurt me?"

"Well that's the general idea, but I won't cripple you although you'd have some nasty bruises to show for it."

After a moment's thought the boy says, "OK."

Sado's coming to believe that Ryan is not any ordinary boy, this is a boy he can explore S&M with. "This would be different, I don't want it to be trade. And don't worry about money, I'll give you enough for skis, some nice new ones." Ryan's eyes brighten. "It'll be heavy, but you can quit anytime." and he tells him what he has in mind.

Ryan quickly strips to his jock strap which he keeps on as a precaution against sex. A few auburn curls poke out above it but except towards his ankles and around his forearms his body is hairless. "I'm going to start with a soft light flail which stings but won't bruise." He shows him the multi stranded instrument he bought at a local leather boutique. "You can use it practically anywhere. They say its crack is worse than its bite."

"Woof, woof." Ryan jokes.

"And after, if you're still into it, I've got a heavy strap for your fleshier parts. I want to see how far I can take you."

"Not the hospital I hope."

"Well not the morgue anyway. But remember you can end it at any time. You can tell me to slow down or take a break whenever you want. I've been reading up on S&M rules on this neat site I found on the Net, and they use special words, 'safe words' they call them, to control things. Now remember you're in control." He makes sure Ryan understands.

Sado has Ryan stand with his hands behind his neck, his lovely full fleshed, soft but firm athletic body looking statuesque. He begins lightly, almost gently whipping him from his chest down to his knees to get him used to the flail. The boy seems to welcome the blows. Gradually he increases the force of the blows and the boy's torso begins pinkening. Ryan barely moves and watches intently as Sado moves around him. Only when the blows become vigorous, the strands slapping noisily against his flesh do the first signs of discomfort appear. Sado lashes his chest, back, belly and thighs including his pouched genitals. "My cock too?" Ryan's surprised.

"I wasn't aiming for it but it's there, and why not? It's part of you."

"But you promised no sex." Sado smartly lashes him across the groin again, deliberately this time. "OW! That really hurt."

"Good. But did it feel sexy?"

Ryan glares back, sticks out his tongue disdainfully, then turns away and pulls out his cock to examine it. "You nicked my knob, you prick."

"It's not all that delicate, why we could spend a whole evening just torturing your cock."

"You'd like that, eh?" Sado resumes lashing the proud boy, speeding it up, almost dancing as the whip regularly connects reddening large parts of the boy's body and overwhelming him with the stinging pain of the lashes. Ryan closes his eyes for seconds at a time, getting into the pain splashing on his body. But he's feeling the cumulative effect of the lengthy whipping and starts struggling to control himself. When he begins to lose his balance Sado stops. They rest and have a beer and cigarette as Ryan examines the glowing patches on his sweat damp body.

"I think the flail gives your flesh an interesting texture." Ryan remains silent, digesting his experience. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm doing OK."

"Ready for more?" The boy nods. "We can try for hues of blue and purple."

Ryan recovering his composure retorts, "So you're an artist too, eh?"

"We can start with the regular strap on your thighs." He motions Ryan to sit back on the sofa and get comfortable. With his knees apart exposing the soft insides of his thighs Sado lightly smacks the soft skin. The boy shudders with excitement. "This will definited hurt, a lot more than on your ass."

Ryan looks at him, "But I get to see."

"Yeah, I guess that's a bonus. Now just relax. You may want to tense when you see it coming but try not to… You comfortable?" The boy nods. "Ready?" He slams the strap down just an inch away from his full sweaty jock strap. Ryan gasps. A rosy welt slowly blooms across his thigh. Five more wicked searing lashes etch angry weals into the boy's flesh. Ryan takes them stoically and Sado is thrilled. He brings out his heavier seldom used strap. "This will leave you quite tender for a day or so." Ryan bends over the sofa end and Sado tells him to let him know if he wants him to stop or slow down a bit. Sado slowly starts strapping his buttocks and upper thighs spacing the blows. Then he playfully mixes them up, a couple of light ones are followed by a series of pounding, bruising blows.

Ryan objects, "Don't tease. Make them all the same." Sado gets the point and complies. The boy is learning control. The heavy, loud strapping continues. Ryan becomes quiet, he's deep into the beating, beyond just the pain that envelops his body. His mind floats, he feels light and disconnected thoughts flip through his consciousness. He is pushed and then some. The pain is wearing him down, it's awful, it's unbearable but Ryan feels no urge to end it. His ass and thighs become raw and ugly, and Sado becomes concerned, lightens the blows and asks the boy if he should stop. Ryan merely shakes his head.

"OK, six more and I'm cutting you off." At the end the boy remains in his position for a minute before slowly standing. "You all right?" Ryan nods, he is exhausted and subdued but doesn't say anything. He moves around uncomfortably, gingerly touches his welted ass and thighs and starts getting dressed. He does not welcome Sado's congratulatory arm around his shoulder, and when Sado offers him a cigarette and asks if he would like the rest of his beer, the boy refuses. He says he wants to be alone and starts to leave. Sado offers to call a cab but Ryan says he wants to walk home, he has a lot to think about, but will call in a day or two and leaves. He is in considerable discomfort but feels pleased with himself and strangely light headed. After a few blocks he catches a bus.

Sado's uncertain about the events of the evening and worries. Did I go too far? The boy is going to have a lot of ugly marks on his lower body, and how will he feel tomorrow? Sado is wildly infatuated, but he's in territory he's not been before. While he's gotten into spankings like those he typically gives boys he's never had a whipping like he's just given Ryan. And having whipped him he wants to experience what he felt. He surfs the Internet for S&M theory, means and techniques in order to stay ahead of his pupil, Master Ryan. The boy is awesome and there is so much he'd like to explore with him.

The next day Sado sees Tony outside Molly's and buys him a cheeseburger and fries. Business is so so and the man suggests a date later on. "I guess my ass can afford it." Sado says he has a deal his ass can't refuse. It's not until they're at Sado's that he explains that he wants Tony to spank him. "Me?"

"Have you ever thought about spanking anyone?"

Tony hesitates, "Not really, me and my girlfriend talked about it once after she saw some marks on my ass." Sado suggests that he practise with the strap, the heavy one, on the arm of the sofa. Tony approaches the task with gleeful abandon raising dust from the upholstery. WHAM. "Take that." WHAM WHAM WHAM There's not a great deal to learn.

"Could you hit me as hard?"

Tony thinks he could. Sado wants to test himself and tells him to lay on twenty hard ones. After a hesitant start Tony vigorously and conscientiously abuses the man's hairy ass. Sado is glad he didn't ask for more, although when the pain quickly diminishes he requests another ten, for good measure he rationalizes.

"It'll cost you extra." After, Sado compliments the boy on his efforts. "Thanks, I hope you enjoyed it as much as me."

"It was certainly interesting." And it was, he had a glimpse of the high he'd read about.

Relaxing with a cigarette after Tony observes, "You know, it blew my mind when Ryan let you spank him that time, and it was almost like he enjoyed it."

"Well some guys get off on being spanked."

"Not me, pain's not my trip. Like that time you belted me extra hard was too much even though you did give me more." Sado says he won't do that again.

Ryan's aloofness doesn't last. He returns as promised two days later and lets Sado briefly look at his bruises. They're ugly but no longer sore. "I've gotten worse playing hockey. And that nick on my prick didn't bother me much but it sure made me aware of my cock which was sort of OK." Impulsively he pulls out his cock to show him a small blotch. "You may look but not touch." he says before quickly zipping up his fly.

"How did you feel after?" Ryan said felt sort of down the next day. He felt ugly and thought it was a stupid thing to do. A sore place on his hip made wearing a belt uncomfortable and he told the house mother he was sick and stayed in his room. "But you know, I'm glad I did it. I figure I know more now." Sado is delighted to hear this. The boy has him enslaved. "But I don't want another whipping like that for a long, long time."

Sado tells him, "A whipping is a special occasion but there's lots of other things we can do." The boy is curious, he's bored with his ugly bruises but he's fascinated by playing with pain. "How about play piercing?"

"Like what?"

"Like having needles through your nipples."

"I already know about them. I even had one pierced one time but I couldn't have a ring. The house parents would given me shit if they saw it." Sado begins rubbing one of his nipples through his shirt and Ryan with an amused whatever expression says, "OK, if it makes you happy." and takes off his hockey shirt.

Sado standing at arms' length, grasps his nipples and massages them vigorously getting them erect. "This is going to hurt more than you think." Ryan anticipating the pain stands with his chest thrust out and stares into Sado's watching eyes. Then Sado slowly forces a two inch safety pin through his left nipple watching the subtle changes in Ryan's expression as the point enters, tents the flesh and emerges. The second safety pin brings a grimace. He then starts twisting them painfully stretching the pierced flesh. "How's that?" he asks as applies maximum force. The boy stands firm but has to struggle briefly to control himself before accepting the pain. It is beyond what he has experienced before. Sado keeps it up until blood from the boy's swollen, mangled nipples pinkens his sweat drenched chest. He is impressed and stops before serious bruising occurs.

Ryan is trembling with excitement. Gingerly touching his raw swollen nipples he says, "For a while there it was like I was in a different place."

Sado congratulates him and tries to hug the boy but he twists away. "You know there're other sensitive places we can have a lot of fun with."

Ryan sarcastically retorts, "Like my cock, you pervert. And what's this 'we' business?"

"Well I was thinking of just your foreskin? It's unscathed and pretty sensitive."

"I said no sex. I know that's what you want, but I'm definitely not into it."

"Well, it could be sexual, and would be sexual just like whipping you is sexual, but it's much more than sexual. Think of it this way; cocks are rather interesting things to torture, plenty of opportunities for pain, and, you may not find the pain particularly sexual." Ryan knows from his own experiments that his cock is very sensitive and exciting to pain but the idea of letting Sado torture his scares him. He evades the implied question. Sado asks him if he is circumcized and when the boy informs him he's uncut the man remarks, "Well you can have more fun with lots of foreskin, like playing with needles and pins." Ryan doesn't look very enthusiastic. "It would push you. Isn't that what you want?" He finds a package of thin pins with round plastic head that he uses in window-dressing and shows them to Ryan. "Their tapered points are better for pain than the kind piercers use, and it's real easy to pierce the foreskin. Not like nipples. Wanna try?"

Ryan becomes excited by the idea but, "You can't jerk around and I get to keep my clothes on." He opens his fly and pulls out his tumescent cock.

Sado finally gets a good look at Ryan's pretty, but quite ordinary cock with its generous foreskin. He opens the package of pins and retracts the hood exposing the rosy glans and inner skin which glistens under the light. "Now just lean back and enjoy the sensation." Sado announces as he takes a pin and very lightly begins to stipple the glans and corona.

"Oh, oh, oh!", then Ryan settles down watching intently, holding his breathe at first. His cock becomes extremely hard and his whole body tenses as the prickings speed up become harder and minute drops of blood start to appear. After a few minutes of this, Sado, pinching and stretching, inserts a pin through the sensitive skin of his frenum. "Ohwow!" Then he twists it in a spiral painfully stretching the membrane. For the first time Ryan lets out a moan but makes no move to stop the torture. Sado continues twisting and is delighted by the boy's grit. He inserts another pin less than a quarter of an inch away and repeats the torture. Ryan, eyes closed and calm if not relaxed, stoically accepts and reworks the intense pain he receives. Half a dozen pins pierce, twist and stretch his frenum and sensitive inner foreskin. That part of him where sexual stimulation is focused is being wracked by the most intense pain. Ryan endures the excruciating pain, he finds himself inside it, only his irregular moans and breathing and his profuse sweating betray his ordeal. Sado closely follows the boy's reactions, his admiration and love have no bounds and he laments that he cannot embrace and kiss Master Ryan. When Ryan's cock becomes flaccid, Sado looks at the boy, "Enough?"

Ryan smiles and slowly pulls the pins out feeling an echo of the pain of the piercing. A swabbing of antiseptic provides a final stinging rush and Ryan yelps from the shock. Aside from some inflammation and slight swelling the damage is barely discernible. As the boy examines his cock Sado asks, "Can you handle more?"

"Like what?"

"A cock spanking, I've got a leather cheque book holder, that should sting. And it'll get your blood circulating." He begins slapping the semi soft cock which responds immediately. "It likes it!" Ryan thinks it funny and they both begin laughing. The boy could take more but Sado, perhaps wisely, stops after a dozen slaps.

Ryan tucks his cock in his pants, grabs another beer, and they sit together on the sofa and share a cigarette. They listen to music, talk for several minutes about music, things and Tony before Ryan brings up his torture. "Those things you did, did you ever do them to Tony?"

"No. Tony wouldn't be interested, you're the very first person I've done more than spank, although I know what it's like."

Ryan ponders, "You liked sticking pins in my cock."

"Yeah. It's a rush giving you pain, I like sticking pins in your cock and spanking it. I got hard. And I also enjoyed you taking it the way you did. It must have been important for you to do it, and I felt proud." He feels a rush of affection for the boy but does not approach him. "And I also liked the way you trusted me, I appreciate that."

Ryan feels moved and realizes he likes the man. "It was awful, and awesome the way you turned the volume up and down with your twisting, and it was scary at times, but the pain's almost all gone. And it sure wasn't as bad being beaten."

"Whippings are special, wait until you really feel like one.

"Maybe sometime we could explore your balls?" Sado suggests.

"No way. It would be too easy, you couldn't take much."

"There's been many men, and boys, who've kept secrets despite what has been done to their balls."

"I just don't think it's..."

"There's a few different things we can try. It could be fun. Think about it?"

Ryan rejects the idea, "No. Your balls are different, there should be rules. It could be dangerous, and I want to have kids someday." Sado reassures him but doesn't press the question. Ryan explains that he's been kneed in the nuts a few times and it always sent him helplessly out of control. He has only to gently squeeze them to reach his perceived pain threshold. He refuses another beer and leaves.

Ryan starts dropping by Sado's frequently and they talk about perceptions of pain and Ryan reveals some of his experiences, experiments and fantasies. He had an unpleasant childhood after his parents were busted. Enduring pain has built his grit but physical pain was the least of it, and it seemed to dull the others. When things were going badly he would torture himself and concentrate on the pain. He'd feel better after. But he never slashed like some of the girls in the homes where he was placed in. "Like in this one home they put me after I freaked out, they'd do everything but beat you. They'd hold you and sit on you until you gave up and then they'd get you going again and do the same thing over again. They'd just drive you crazy.

They also spend many hours exploring S&M sites on the Net. It is after one of these sessions that Ryan becomes curious about ball torture, although nothing like what they've seen on some sites. Sado informs him "It's a different kind of pain." Ryan agrees to a prolonged but mild slapping of his balls which satisfies his curiousity. They have no more heavy sessions but talk and feed each others interest and it is hard to say who learns the most. Sado allows Ryan to secretly observe some of his encounters with other boys. Ryan claims not be interested in the sex but he keenly enjoys the spankings.

One evening they decide on some light entertainment, a little play and experimentation. Neither is into anything heavy, and Sado wants to try out this split bamboo cane he's made up from one he saw on the Internet. He tells Ryan, "They say it's very effective on the soles of the feet. I've seen it in movies a couple of times."

"You gonna pay for a cab home, it's over three miles to my place… And besides my feet stink, I haven't changed since hockey practice."

"Well you could wash them."

"Or you, could lick them, and clean out all the toe jam with your tongue."

Sado has acquired a mail order rattan cane with a crook and they decide instead on a traditional, English schoolboy butt caning like they've seen on the Net. Ryan, stripped to his jock, takes his place over the sofa end. The cane requires more skill than the strap so Sado is careful, but applies as much force as he can control. "I really like the narrow stripes it makes, not all blotchy like get with the strap." Ryan twists his head but he can't see much. "I bet you could lay on up to twenty and still pick out each individual one."

"You're only allowed ten, asshole, and they really hurt."

"Is that good, I mean does it hurt good?"

"It hurts bad if that's what you mean. A lot worse than the strap. Now shut up."

Sado resumes caning taking his time, but, "The stripes are impressive but I still can't seem to get them even. There's this big gap on your left buttock that I can't seem to hit." "Well I don't feel any gap." He strains to look. "And I can't see one either."

"Hold it, I'll get you a mirror." He hands him a small vanity mirror.

"I guess so, but I still can't see that good…and you only got two smacks left." Sado has brilliant idea and Ryan likes it. They bring in an antique, full length pivoting mirror and lying comfortably over the sofa end Ryan can look into the small vanity mirror and see his ass reflected in the big one. "I see what you mean. It'll be neat to see one land." Carefully Sado winds up and aims for the pale gap with Ryan holding his breath. The stroke is bit low and on top of another one. "OW, that really hurt."

"Did you see how your ass jiggled?" Ryan looks up questioningly. "The lower I hit, the more your ass jiggles."

"You only got one more." Ryan manages to stay a bit more relaxed, and sees and feels the well placed stroke land, and rides the searing pain until it numbs.

"That more than hurt." Sado is pleased. "And next time don't keep interrupting." Ryan decides he prefers the strap.

Much of the S&M material Sado and Ryan find on the Net involves master/slave scenarios. Sado's not into role playing, or hairy butts, which is one reason he's never been into leather scenes. And Ryan's not turned on by them either, particular not the costumes. But they talk about it and one boring evening Sado suggests, "How about we play it where I'm a prison guard and you're a punk kid who needs to be put in his place. I could try out that paddle with the Indian designs you liked. And I could put on my old security guard uniform."

"You look stupid in that. It doesn't suit you."

"I'm not supposed to look like me, I'm supposed to be a mean son of a bitch."

Ryan laughs. "We could try, but what would I wear?"

"What do you think inmates wear in the shower room?"

"You just want to see me naked, you pervert."

"What's wrong with that?"

"Nothing. But I don't want you to."

"You're cruel, you're sadistic." Ryan grins broadly.

"Well what about if I'm an American soldier and I figure you know where Osama bin Laden is hiding."

"And I'm some cute Taliban boy?"

"I could dye your hair."

"Fat chance Gringo."

"How about I'm a priest and you're an obstinate eight year old choir boy." he grabs Ryan around the neck and pulls him to his face.

"Please don't hurt me Father," Ryan makes his voice sound squeaky.

"You've had your chance, hail marys don't seem to work, so now, let me fondle your weenie or it's big time penance for you."

"Please Father, don't molest me."

"Then I must beat your meat."

"Pervert! Pervert!" Attempts at role playing fail and Ryan's curiousity about the paddle is satisfied after only three blows.

One evening when Ryan is over a boy drops by looking for the price of a rock or two. Sado suggests that Ryan stay out of sight, and from his hiding place he watches as the boy gets spanked and then fucked. After the boy leaves he chides Sado, "That was gross, sticking it in his asshole like that, and you were far too gentle."

"Well he wasn't that great a spank."

"Not like me?"

"And Tony."

"But he hates it, he just does it for the money." and Ryan adds, "He jokes around because it makes it easier and you like it. He figures if you sell your ass one way, why not another?"

"I know he doesn't like being spanked, most don't, but it's more fun when they don't really like it and do it for a reason. Like sometimes it's the price of what they want and a measure of their desperation and grit."

"Is that a fancy way of saying that you'd sooner spank him?"

"But you're different." Sado decides to leave it at that but then he thinks and asks, "D'you think it matters who, like who would you like to be spanked by?"

"I'd like some real sexy lady, not a slut, but like that one in the story where this girl whips this guy 'til he cums. That was hot."

"What about Tony?"

"I'd prefer a chic, but Tony would be interesting, we've done Almost everything else including a few B&Es a couple of years ago. Someone my own age would be a change."

"And would you spank him?"

Ryan laughs, "There're times when I want to kick his butt, but I never thought about spanking it, but I guess I could." Sado's turned on by the idea of the boys spanking each other and Ryan's intrigued by the idea of Tony spanking him. "It's been a while since I had a good spanking, maybe do something different." Sado would love to have Ryan spank him, to make their explorations more mutual he tells himself, but the boy has ignored his hints and he's let the matter drop. Maybe he doesn't like hairy butts either.

One Wednesday evening not long after, Tony arrives and announces, "I've come for one of your 'Spank and Blow' specials."

"What's the big occasion?"

"My girlfriend wants to take in this concert at the Dome on Saturday and I need a few extra bucks." Sado is not about to turn down his favorite spank but he knows the tickets will cost more than the fifty bucks he usually gives him. "I got this regular date on Friday, a rich doctor, and I don't want any marks on me by then so I figure I should get a Head start with my Ass. And could you pay me Friday so I don't spend it?" Tony strips and Sado is admiring the narrow golden ass he's about to strap for maybe the twentieth time when they hear the door buzzer. He knows it's Ryan by the distinctive buzzes, and he's early. Tony puts his boxers back on before Ryan enters.

"Am I disturbing something?"

"Nothing you ain't seen before. And are you here on business too?" Tony teases. Ryan ignores the question.

Sado sees an opening and asks, "Ryan, are you into a spanking?"

"I suppose so."

"Well I have an idea. I think you've both probably thought about spanking the other and maybe we should do it that way. What do you think? I'll forget about the blow jobs." Sado leaves the room while the boys decide.

Tony jokes, "I can think of better things to do with your ass, but why not?"

"If you're into it, I'm game."

“I'll just pretend you're Sado."

"Sado's got some neat new stuff you could try." They decide that Ryan gets to spank Tony first. The blond takes a couple of practice swipes on the end of sofa while Tony lights a joint. He tokes and passes it to Ryan before bending over the sofa end. "Ten smacks coming up, now how would you like them served; mild, medium or extra hot?"

"What would you recommend?" Ryan delivers a rather hesitant smack across his friend's behind.

"Hey, no love taps, I'm not your girlfriend you know." The second blow is a bit more confident. "Don't expect me to be that kind when it's my turn." By the fifth blow Ryan is getting the swing of things and showing some enthusiasm. Sado, viewing the scene with a mixture of amusement and erotic interest, encourages his protégé's efforts They share more tokes and towards the end Ryan's putting most of his strength into pounding Tony's ass.

"OW! That hurt. I guess I shoulda kept my mouth shut." Due to many overlapping blows he's far more bruised than usual.

They break for beers and a smoke. "You know," Ryan observes, "I was starting to enjoy it."

"Well, I wasn't."

Ryan explains that he'd like a real whipping and sorts through Sado's growing collection of instruments picking out a light leather tapered whip, "We never did try it out and how about that wicked looking cane you just bought?" Sado says it's up to him and to remember that he's in control. Ryan's impatient to start, strips to his jock strap and says he wants a regular strapping as a 'warm-up'.

After another toke they shake hands. Tony observes, "This is getting me horny you know."

"Shut up. Stop your yapping."

Ryan takes his strapping with minimal reaction, he's thinking about the next trial, the slender whip which features in his most powerful fantasies. Tony flicks the whip a few times and having got the feel of it he starts lashing Ryan who stands in the middle of the room with his arms protecting his face and his cock bulging in its pouch. With encouragement Tony is soon landing smart blows that leave long bright weals on his pale torso. Ryan does little more than turn and shift position to direct the lashes. Occasionally he gives instructions such as: "Don't forget my chest."… "Stay away from that sore spot on my hip."… "You can hit better than that." Tony's a bit apprehensive about whipping his buddy, at least as hard he says he wants.

Sado quips, "Just pretend it's me." The boys laugh and Tony hits much harder. The atmosphere is hushed as Ryan is striped from his shoulders to his knees, perhaps fifty times until his body is vividly marked. Sado quietly enjoys the scene from the sofa. After ten minutes or so Tony, who's sweating profusely, takes off his shirt and a couple of minutes later, claiming he's tired, he takes a break. He's also getting freaked out by Ryan's appearance. "It looks like you won that round." he manages to joke.

Ryan's also getting tired and sweating, several raw spots have formed where welts overlap again and again, but he still wants more. "The cane, the cane." he demands and bends over grasping his ankles. Tony holding it like a baseball bat swats him with a grazing blow. Sado explains that he should come from below, borrows the cane and demonstrates, giving Ryan a resounding smack that unsteadies him. Tony who knows the damage he's doing is having doubts but forces himself to deliver a series of jarring blows leaving narrow welts blazing across his buddy's pale ass.

While Ryan's still into it, Sado's not and orders: "OK, that's it." Ryan painfully stands up, tearfully embraces his surprised tormentor and lowers himself belly down on the sofa. Both boys are exhausted. Sado leaves them alone going into the kitchen to prepare some light refreshments. When he returns with beer and nachos, Ryan, lying on his side, is showing Tony his cock which has three distinct dark marks from the whip. Sado puts on some background music and they smoke another joint and sip on their beers. Ryan doesn't say very much, the shock of his ordeal blankets his mind. Sado lightly holds his hand. Tony partly for his own sake tries to cheer up his buddy but Ryan's unresponsive.

It's like a declaration when Tony out of the blue says, "I never want to do that again." and turning to Ryan, "Like you're a mess, your ass is fucking gross." Ryan smiles for the first time,

“I'm glad you did though... Thanks."

Later Tony helps Ryan clean up and shower in the bathroom, they're in there for some time. While Ryan carefully dresses Tony confides to Sado, "I don't want to have to whip him every time we have sex." Ryan sits awkwardly and takes part in the gossip and trivia. And after another beer, cigarettes and finally devouring the nachos, the boys leave together.

Late next day Tony comes over to Sado's and mentions that he's seen Ryan. "He'll probably be over in a day or two."

Sado is slightly concerned but doesn't show it. "Good, glad to hear it. And by the way, you did a great job on Ryan's hide." Tony's uncertain how to take the compliment and appears confused. Sado, only half seriously suggests, "Ever thought of being a top? There's a lot of guys with money who'd pay you well for your services." Tony doesn't take Sado very seriously; for one thing he can't imagine being a sadomaster and dressed up in one of those costumes, but it's also a part of himself he's not interested in exploring. But then he's met guys who say they make big money sometimes providing leather services. Sado presses the point, "Did you get off, just a bit, when you were whipping Ryan?"

Tony definitely did, that was how he was able to do it. "It was sexy, I been wanting to get it on with him for ages, and there I was whipping him, which is sorta like fucking."

"I could tell."

"Yeah, I popped a boner, and with him wanting it I really got into it for a while. I guess it was OK, as it turned out." Sado is relieved and Tony continues, "I was a bit worried, and snuck a bottle of vodka and some primo bud into his room. His house mother thought he had the flu or something." And in a confidential voice he adds, "He was feeling a bit down so I told him, 'Seeing as you ain't gonna be screwing any chicks for a while', and he let me blow him again, twice as a matter of fact." Ryan did not attempt to reciprocate but enjoyed being sucked while he fantasized about girls. He loved all the attention he got from his old buddy and later masturbated again to fantasies of teenage domatrices. By the second day most of the marks were quickly fading, although some nasty ones would take a while, and things were getting back to normal.

When Ryan shows up at Sado's on the third day he is back in good spirits. While Sado is intensely curious to see Ryan's body and hear how things went after, he waits for Ryan to speak. Beer, background music and a shared joint come first. "The next day I felt bad about it. I figured I must have been some kind of idiot. But I wasn't angry." The experience has meaning for him beyond just 'taking it'. At one point he says, "I made my body do it." It's over twenty minutes before Ryan takes off his hockey shirt and modestly lowers his baggy pants to show Sado the fading weals and remaining brownish bruises on his torso. They estimate it will take a week for everything to go. An episode of The Simpsons overtakes the conversation.


Sado finds customers for Tony's services and in less than a year they have set up an S&M dungeon which quickly becomes highly profitable. Sado auditions stroll boys for jobs as both tops and bottoms but it's hard to find enough good tops. They're difficult to train and only a few have the right attitude. He has to do most of the whipping himself, and finds no pleasure in spanking sixtyish men desperately trying to ejaculate. A few want him to wear ridiculous costumes and tell them what bad, bad little boys they've been, which is not to Sado's taste. He purchases the money losing pita factory and gives Molly's free pita products to help feed the boys on the stroll. But it becomes a trendy 'wrap shop' and 'the people' flock into the area, and when the condos start going up, boystown dies. Boys to spank become harder for Sado to find and prices rise dramatically. He has to venture out into the suburbs to find new boys. The old village-like days where he could pick up a boy along with a pizza walking home from work are gone forever. It's all very professional and Sado feels deserted by boys, ordinary boys. Maybe I should never have started spanking them Tony fortunately develops a taste for whipping women on which he builds his own commercial empire after buying out Sado. He remains in love with Ryan, his pubertal sweetheart, but they never have sex again. Ryan gets a job in a sex shop and in a few years opens a successful S&M paraphernalia boutique, and he marries a beautiful deaf mute who whips him every Friday night, but never as nicely as Tony did.